March 5

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5 is a special day in our family. A year ago today I got the best phone call ever, with a runner up being this one. It was a call from our adoption worker telling us that an expectant mother (Grayden's birthmom) had chosen our profile! Talk about a life changing phone call!

Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote that day my adoption blog:

there is this website I visit that has a bible verse for the day, I usually log on and check out the verse of the day right away in the morning along with checking my email. March 5 was a really good verse and I wanted to share it with you. It is from Isaiah 25:1 "O LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago."

God has done marvelous things for us! You see March 5, the same day I read that verse on the website, Robb and I found out we are going to be parents again!

I happened to be at my mom and dad's house that morning using their computer because my laptop was getting some repair done to it. I was about to leave to meet a friend for craft day when my phone rang. It was our social worker from Bethany. She asked me if I had a minute, which she has never asked me before since its usually just a quick question about something. I ran into their bathroom and shut the door so my mom wouldn't hear me and overhear our conversation.

She very calmly told me that a birth mom, we will call her S had chosen us and would like to meet us! I could not believe my ears. We didn't even know anyone had our profile or was interested.

I was in complete disbelief...all I said was "really?, wow!, ok!, great!, sounds good!, thanks!" over and over again. Not the reaction I had expected from myself!

I took half a second to catch my breath and then called robb who happened to be in Chicago for a work conference (which by the way i jokingly told him not to go to in case we got 'the call'!). He was in the middle of hearing Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs!) speak, when I called. He saw that it was me and right away asked if he could call me back, I said "well...i think you are going to want to know this" and he said "ok, well hurry up, whats up?" so I said "well...maybe you should just call me back cuz its something that you're going to want to talk about" after going back and forth a few more times I finally told him the news! Also not the way I pictured that going but I totally froze and couldn't come up with anything cute to say to tell him the news!

Since then, we both have perma-grins!

I am just BURSTING with JOY.

My heart is OVERFLOWING with LOVE.

We are PRAISING His name.

God's plan is so perfect.

Just four short days after the 1 year mark of our son's death the Lord answered our deepest desire.

"The Lord gives and the Lord takes away my heart will chose to say "Lord blessed be your name!"

It's no secret to say that phone call has changed our life and we both feel so incredibly blessed to be given such a gift! This past week has reminded me again just how precious life is. On Wednesday my sister and her husband found out that they had lost their precious 1st baby by miscarriage. Their baby (my first niece or nephew) passed away on or near Brenham's birthday. We are all heartbroken and confused why God has chosen to put us through such pain once again.

The timing of it all is so bittersweet but today was a reminder to me of what I wrote last year...God's plan is good and "in his perfect faithfulness He will do and has done marvelous things, things planned long ago."

I ask for your prayers for Mindy and Kyle as they walk this difficult road. We are so thankful to God and his promise to never allow us to walk this journey alone. Be near Lord Jesus.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" (Ps. 37:4).

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9 Responses to “ March 5 ”

rlvd said...

Blessed be His Name indeed. I know I will look back at Dec. 18 with similar awe (at getting "the call").

Joy said...

Will be praying for your family, Katie. I'm so sorry for your (and your sister's loss.)

Krista said...

Sending prayers out to Mindy and Kyle during their time of loss.

RN Mama said...

Praying for your sister.

Also, I so enjoyed reading the post from your adoption blog!

Jan said...

So well put Katie. I just came across this poem about sharing sorrows,etc:
it helped me put in perspective the difficulties we need to go through and the purposes for them.

Tammy said...

I read this today on another blog and immediately thought of you.
Not flesh of my flesh,

nor bone of my bone,

But still miraculously my own.

Child never forget,

Even for a single moment,

You didn't grow under my heart,

but in it.

(I found your blog a little more than a year ago thru Lisa F. We were childhood playmates back in NJ.)

Stephanie said...

Your posts always make me smile and tear up at the same time.
What a beautiiful verse.
Praying for Kyle and Mindy

DeniFay said...

Blessed be your name! Always in the easy times and the hard. I'm sorry that Mindy and Kyle are facing this horrible time, but they will be in my prayers! Remembering your sweet angel with you as well!

Holly said...

Praying for your sister and her husband. And rejoicing that you have Grayden in your life!