fake laughs

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grayden's 'new thing' is to fake laugh with his hand over his mouth, wonder where he got that from?! I think its simply precious!
I realized I took the video sideways so I took another one but wanted to post them both! I love when he says 'hi' to the dog!

haha! what a stinker, totally ignoring mom already! My fake laugh isn't nearly as cute, i realize!

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8 Responses to “ fake laughs ”

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely precious! I can't get over how handsome he is either! He is certainly going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up and if he keeps up with his adorable fake laugh he will make all the girls swoon! haha! Love it.

KAM said...

He's adorable!

DH and I are just starting to look at adoption. If you don't mind, I'd love to hear any insight or advice you may have. My email is kerryann.murphy@gmail.com.


Jaclyn said...

Awww, he is so cute! I can't believe he is so big.

J and A said...

He is just too cute for words! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!! and i love that white cubby storage thing :) where did you get it???

Kate said...

the toy box is from land of nod, we love it!

Meg said...

My 15 month old daughter was in the room when I watched the "fake laugh" clip and I kid you not, ever since she has been doing the fake laugh...cracks me up that she picked that up so quick!

Krys said...

So adorable! He's getting so big :)