Saturday Family Fun Day {part 3~The Game}

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After we left the zoo we grabbed some dinner and headed out to 5/3 Ball Park to see the West Michigan Whitecaps game!
This was Grayden’s second time seeing them play, last year he was just a little thing

grayden 1488

and this year he’s so much more mobile so we got ourselves some lawn seats so he could move around a little! That worked out really well!




I was asked to participate in one of the games they do during the innings and won chocolate graham crackers for our whole section! Super exciting :)IMG_7769


robb took a video of me playing the price is right game (i’m just to the right of the sun streak!)

While we waited until it was time for me to go out on the field we got to wait in the dugout and get up close to the players which was pretty cool! Grayden was hamming it up for everyone, showing off his muscles and giving high-fives!




The best part was while we were standing in the dugout the 1st base coach threw us a game ball!!


It got to be way past Grayden’s bedtime by the time the game was done but he did great and we are so glad we planned such a fun day to make so many memories together!


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6 Responses to “ Saturday Family Fun Day {part 3~The Game} ”

rlvd said...

can hardly believe you packed that all into one day!! : - glad grayden and you guys loved it all!

Jeannie said...

I love the picture of Gray on your back! It's so adorable :-) I can't wait to bring Henry to his first game :-)

Jeannie said...
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Lyndsey said...

i think that you three are some of the very cutest whitecaps fans ever!

Jan Lubbers said...

Wow! God certainly is blessing you with beautiful memories:)

Missy and Kaden said...

Where did you get the sunshine shirt? I sing that song to Kaden ever night. I love the last pic of him with the lovey. That is exactly how Kaden fall asleep every night with the exact same lovey rubbing between his fingers while pressed up against his face. Too cute