Fashion Friday-Hair Edition

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another reader's request here- "How do you get your hair so big"-You asked (a lot of you did anyway, I know its not for everybody!), I deliver!

Although hairstyling is my forte, I'm not about to make another video anytime soon!
So I found this video on Jennifer's blog awhile back and thought it was a good (and pretty entertaining too) how-to video on how to poof your hair with the same technique I use.
So sit back and watch this video and then I'll add a few of my own tips and tricks to that!

Poofing from Jennifer Francis on Vimeo.

Ok, so a few things to note:

~What she said about layers is very important. Have your stylist (call me if your local!) cut layers so you have some weight taken off your hair, making it easier to backcomb.
~Next, I am a huge fan of this comb to backcomb!

It has three rows of teeth and grabs those hair strands so much better than anything else I've tried! You can get them at Sally's.
~Also, I use this trick a lot,
if you have freshly shampooed hair and need to 'dirty it up' a little bit sprinkle some baby powder in dry hair at the roots and brush through! Dirty hair holds so much better! Also, baby powder can be used to dry up oils if your hair is greasy going on day 2 or 3 without a shampoo! I get it from the dollar store!
~Another thing is I have to tell you is that I am loyal to my hairsprays and recommend either Redken 23 or Paul Mitchell Super Clean Extra Firm! You do not need {that} much hairspray, promise! Especially if you follow these additional steps!
Happy Poofing :) If anyone has any questions I'll answer them in the comments section!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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17 Responses to “ Fashion Friday-Hair Edition ”

Allison said...

thanks for the poofing tips! I can never seem to get mine to stay and your hair always looks great in pics!

Amy said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I've always tried to poof my hair but it never turns out the way it should. I'm going to try this next. Thanks!

rlvd said...

i'll have to give it a try sometime...seems like i've never achieved it cuz i've never quite gone "extreme" enuf-- call me crazy, but that looks like extreme torture on hair!!!! i guess i thought doing it that much was too much and stopped short!!! ;)

Andrea said...

Good back combing lesson!

Just wanted to let you know that I used your "adorable scarf tying video" tip and tyed my scarf! It looked great...thanks to you!

I'm lovin' Fashion Fridays ;)

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

You are so cute!! : ) Thanks for posting your teasing tips!

Loved the video! Me, my sister and my brother's girlfriend just sat and watched the whole thing! It was pretty entertaining!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Meg said...

I am such a fan of the "poof"! I also have that comb and it is a "poofing" girls dream! ;)

Lori said...

I am a huge poofer too!! I loved all your tips! Your hair always looks so fabulous! I always love seeing pics of your hair!!

belle said...

you are crackin' me up!!!!!!

as a former theatre major in college (read that to mean costume and make-up lover) i always enjoy learning something new! i usually flake out of this style because i'm terrible at backcombing. gotta try this one day!

by the way, i'm a SUCKER! for sebastian hairspray... it's hard to find but a little bit becomes CONCRETE! i always insisted on it when did bridal makeovers. :)

Jamee said...

OMG I have always wanted to know how to do that! The video is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

That video was hilarious! Informative, but also very entertaining.

Jenn said...

I just recently found your blog and i LOVE it! Y'all are too cute!

RN Mama said...

Oh my word, I have never seen anything like that in my whole entire life! That video had my cracking up:)

I have never understood the whole idea of wanting big hair, my hair is so thick, I am always trying to tame it down and make it smaller!!

Jenn said...

In case you want to check it out...I nominated you for a blog award. Here is the link to my post.

Julie said...

what a funny little video! thanks for sharing…off to check out her blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I appreciate your secret. That video was entertaining too.

Stephanie said...

Awesome! I am horrible at doing my hair and love the poof! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

Katy said...

Great Video!!! I've always wanted to know how to poof! Thanks for sharing! :)