A day in the life of Grayden Vol.2

Thursday, July 8, 2010

To read all about his day last year click here! Its so amazing to me to see how much has changed since last year.
you wake up at 10:00! this is your half cry, half smile face!
you have breakfast; milk, cheerios and toast with strawberry jam.
while mom tackles the overflowing sink full of dirty dishes
we get you dressed, you wear your “Brenham's little brother” shirt in remembrance of his due date today.
you spent some time playing until Aunt Lisa came over with your friends, Collin and Leah, to bring us all lunch
you had a turkey sandwich, grapes and strawberries from Cafe 58.
After Lunch we head out to the deck to play in your pool and water table!
after 20 minutes the big kids had enough of that so we went to bigger and better things, the bigger pool next door at the neighbors!
you were getting really tired so we headed home at 2:00 and you went right down for a nap!
You slept until 5:15!
After you woke up you insisted on a snack, even though dinner would be ready in 20 minutes. Sad boy couldn’t understand why mommy wanted you to wait,
(see Mom, he DOES cry, occasionally)
you had some Kix to hold you over and you were a happy boy again!
Daddy came home at 5:30 and we had dinner, fresh salad, chips and dip and chicken crescent squares
after dinner we all went back outside to play for a little bit
(Apparently Pacey was thirsty! haha!)
at 7:00 mom had to head out to church for a meeting so it was just you and dad! IMG_7964
I told dad to keep taking pictures and I loved coming home to see what you all did!
another snack, applesauce!
you and dad went on a fly swatting escapade!
and made no-bake cookies!
8:00 you got ready for bed! Change into jammies and get some milky!
daddy reads you a book!
and tucks you in bed around 8:30!
night-night gray! sleep tight!
Grayden, I had such a great day with you, you make life so much fun! Love you!
Couple things to note!
Yes, he really does eat all.day.long!
And yes, he does have a lot of outfit changes during the day, he is a drool monster and so he soaks through lots of shirts! Plus its a good way to cycle through all his clothes!
Yes, I do have a great husband! love you babe!

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13 Responses to “ A day in the life of Grayden Vol.2 ”

Rebekah said...

Grayden is so sweet. I love reading your blog!

Allison said...

Grayden is adorable! and what a GREAT husband for making no bake cookies! Those are my favorite and i'm now drooling!

Anonymous said...

grayden is ADORABLE i come here just to look at cute lil face and ur writing is an added bonus because its so captivating

alanna said...

what an adorable series of photos - your son is just beautiful and i love your captions...seriously considering printing out this post or something so you have it as a memory for him when he grows up!

Mrs. Bear said...

What an awesome post! Your little man is so darn cute!

Megon said...

Sweet post. I loved hearing about Gray's day. I can't believe that he sleeps until 10. You have got to share how you got him to be such a great sleeper. ;)

Melissa said...

what a busy little guy he is!!! He seems so sweet and loving! Thanks for sharing a day in the life of Grayden. Too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great day!!!

Hoping for a Miracle~~ said...

Cute post! Sounds alot like our days! He seems to be alot like my little man -he eats alot all day too (feels like some days that is all we do!!) and he plays so hard that he sleeps until about 9:30am!!

I know what you mean about all the drool we wore bibs 24/7 up until maybe the last month and finally when we start to see some teeth trying to come in (he doesn't have any yet!!) the drool stops/slows down alot - wierd!!

Love all the pictures!

Erica said...

Such a cutie! And, your husband makes cookies?! Wow:-)

Lyndsie said...

This is so sweet!! Grayden is SO ADORABLE!!!!

Mae said...

He is really starting to look like a big boy!!

waiting said...

Your baby boy reminds me so much of mine who is 2 months older. He eats all day long and has a dimple! (Grayden's is much more pronounced). So cute! Your blog is beautiful!