pizza on the grill

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here's the quick run down on how to grill your pizza! Its so easy!
First you need the pre-baked pizza crust from the store and all your ingredients, we used pizza sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, mozzarella cheese and fresh parsley and oregano.

Then you make the pizza's anyway you like and throw them on the grill on LOW until the cheese is melted!!

All done! Easy and so YUMMY!


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8 Responses to “ pizza on the grill ”

The Gimlins said...

My hubby makes ours from scratch and cooks them on the grill like this. Sooo tasty! I'm not sure why, but it tastes better than the oven method.

thesloothaaks said...

Delicious! We just had dinner with some friends and they did grill pizzas using soft taco cheap and it tastes like a thin crust pizza....only better! SO good! We make them at least once a week now using the fajita size shells. AND....have you tried them with pesto instead of pizza sauce? Oh. My. Seriously, makes my mouth water just thinking of it!

Megon said...

Yummy!! I can't wait to tell my husband about this one...thanks for sharing. It's calorie free as well....right? ;)

Anonymous said...

We do this all the time! Here are two of our favorites...

Grilled chicken with bbq sauce, red onion, spinach and goat cheese

Tomato, Basil and Fresh Motz cheese.

Both are great with the smokey grill flavor! (We like the thin crusts better too!)

shellycoulter said...

Just for planning sake...about how long does it take? 10 min? 30 min? longer?

Sounds like a fun way for a quick & easy meal. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Usually, we grill one side of the pizza crust without the topping for a few minutes. When it is a little browned, we flip it over, top it and let it grill for maybe 10 minutes. You will just need to watch them the first time you do this to see how it works on your grill. (We usually do them on LOW so they don't get too done, too quick)

Amy and Luke said...

hi katie, ran across your blog on the hop. i love/hate reading new blogs b/c i just want to know more and more and keep reading. your sons are beautiful and i can't imagine some of the things you have been through. thanks for sharing.

Queen Mommy said...

I love these too. Pita bread also works great for a crust!