Fashion Friday~Grayden’s Style!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Many of you have asked me where I shop for Grayden and so I thought I’d do a Fashion Friday post all about his clothes! I really shop all over for him, including lots of garage sales in the summer for play clothes. Some of  my favorites are Old Navy, Gap, and TJMaxx/Marshalls!


here are  some of my favorite outfits of his:

 grayden 1207

garage sale:old navy

grayden 1000

shirt:old navy

shorts:old navy

 grayden 1360

whole outfit old navy (baby gift, thanks sloothaak’s!)

 grayden 1236

garage sale:old navy

 grayden 1353

whole outfit: carters (gift, thanks geerlings!)

 grayden 1409


jeans:old navy

flip flops:old navy

 grayden 1455

shirt and pants:old navy

shoes:children's place

 grayden 711

shirt:garage sale


shoes:children's place

 grayden 671

garage sale:baby Gap


shirt:baby Gap


booties:garage sale (robeez)



sweater:old navy


collared shirt: Yonkers

sweater vest: H&M


collared shirt:old navy

sweater vest:children's place

shoes: pedipeds

 march 2010 011



shirt: babiesRus

shorts:old navy (gift, thanks alyssa and jeremy


tux:gift from his birthmom (JCPenney)


shirt:garage sale Gap

pants Children’s Place


whole outfit TJMaxx (included little croc shoes)


shirt:baby Gap

pants:old navy



whole outfit: Ross

 florida 2010 021

Shirt and Jeans:old navy



shirt: H&M


shirt:old navy

shorts:baby Gap



Shopping for Grayden is always about cheap! I always go straight for the clearance aisles and often buy in the off season for the following year when everything is way cheap! Although I do have to be more careful with that, I tend to overbuy just because its cheap!  I love garage sales and consignment shops! For shopping online I LOVE ebates! Its free to sign up and you get cash back on every online purchase through there site! They send a check to you right in the mail, I just got one last week for $17.00 just for buying things I would have bought anyways!


Oh and Jenn asked what i use to get Grayden’s hair spiky! When he was little I used baby lotion and it worked an smelled great! Now, that he’s older I use just regular gel and hairspray!


Have a great weekend!

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13 Responses to “ Fashion Friday~Grayden’s Style! ”

Jus and Kat said...

Cute, as always!!! I didn't realize H&M sold baby/children's clothes?!?!??!

lparsons15 said...

What a stylish little boy..but man is it hard to look at his clothes when his face is so adorable...Seriously he is so cute.

Jeannie said...

He is the best dressed toddler in town :-)

The photo of him in his suit walking with a little strut...
Is my all time favorite!!

belle said...

cute cute cute!!!!! will you shop for my kids??? :D you are the "cutest" mom too :D ya'll are so made for each other!!!! just beautiful inside and out

thesloothaaks said...

Ha! Thanks for the shout out! I still love that little octopus shirt too. Good thing Grayden looks great in orange!!! :)

designHER Momma said...

my kids are the biggest raggamuffins you will ever meet. Although I do love the brands Tea, Mini Boden and Zutano. Although, I always get them super on sale or find them at Goodwill. :)

Freriks Family said...

Super cute clothes!!! Doesn't hurt that he is such a stinkin cute baby!!
I would love for you to do a post with photos of all your cute hair-do's! I have similar hair to you and would love some ideas on how to wear mine, besides a teased up pony.

Have a great weekend!

kimmie said...

Love the outfits!!! Great taste!! He is too cute!

phgeerlings said...

whoever said girls were more fun to dress was wrong - LOVE all his outfits; so cute! and i seriously wish i found so many great garage sale finds!!!

Anonymous said...

poor grayden

brandiandjason said...

What seller on etsy did you find the owl hat from. I LOVE it!

brandiandjason said...
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Jennifer S said...

Awww..your baby is absolutely adorable and very well dressed.. Is he about 15-16 months old? My baby is 15.5 months and they look very close to the same age! He is absolutely beautiful and what a blessing little baby boys are!