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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've gotten through a few more of your questions, i wasn't expecting it would take me this long!

Risa said... how's Paco?

Thanks for asking Risa! As of my last appt. at the end of June Paco is doing great! I go back to Mayo Clinic for more extensive testing on September 1 and 2 and that's where we can get a better idea on how the kidney is doing! But my blood work and urine samples all are looking great so thats a good start!

Megan said...Any makeup advice, you are always put together?!
Where do you buy most of Gray's clothes? (Jenn Haler wondered the same)

well thanks Megan but most days I stay home and sit in my comfies all day long and dont wear a stitch of makeup! However, on days I do get out to run errands or whatever I love to wear makeup and do my hair, etc. I recently have fallen in love with Bare Essentials make-up, it took a little getting used too and more time to apply but after a few weeks I can't go back to anything else. And I hardly ever leave the house without at least mascara, I think it makes me look alive!

I have a "fashion friday" post coming up all about Grayden's fashion :) So stay tuned!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...
You are so upbeat, secure and in touch with yourself! how do you do it all?

I've never been good at handling compliments, so this is a stretch for me but thank you for your kind words! I thought about this for a long time and I seriously don't know how to answer that! I think its because I love life and feel so blessed that it comes naturally to be upbeat. I try to surround myself with positive people and we feed off each other! But don't get me wrong, I often have times of negativity and self-pity, but I try to keep them short lived and not let it ruin my day.
I do have insecurities, I just try not to dwell on them and I relize that I am who I am.

Jarrod, Jen, and Gavin said... will you come do my hair??? :)
Sure! I noticed you're a Tastefully Simple Consultant so if you bring me some goodies I'll do your hair :)

And speaking of hair;
MiniMe Mom said...How do you get your hair to have so much volume? What product exactly do you use to accomplish that? Do you back comb? I know, that is really two questions, but a girl needs to know these things!
I completely agree! Its important stuff! You're gonna want to head over to this post and watch the video and read my tips on hair-poofing 101, it will change your life! Or at least your hair's life!

lauren said... Do you and Robb "date"? If so, what do you do with Grayden - babysitter? Grandparents?
Not very often! At least not just the two of us! We take Grayden almost everywhere with us and he's such a good little guy that we consider it a date even when he's along. We usually all go out for dinner about once a week. If we do go out just the two of us Gray's grandparents jump at the opportunity to watch him as well as his aunties! We've gotten a babysitter once when we had weddings on both sides of the family and it went great, we should really do it more! I really just hate leaving him for my sake, he has a blast, its me who misses him. Does that make me lame? Wait! Don't answer that!

JessieAnn said...
What kind of church do you attend?

We go to the church that Robb grew up in and its the church we were married at! Its a Reformed church but that's not why we go there or why we like it. We like it because of the church family we have there and we go to hear God's Word! It's also nice that its located just down the road from our house! Bonus!

More to come! I'm gettin' there! I saved some of the toughies for last!

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Jen said...

I would totally trade Tastefully Simple products for great hair! :) If only we were closer.