Happy 18 months Grayden!

Friday, November 12, 2010


You are 1.5 years old today!


I can’t believe it!


Seems like just yesterday we met you for the first time!

grayden 137

You are at such a fun age right now. Daddy and I are constantly amazed by you and the new things you are learning and the trouble you find yourself in.




Its fun to be able to see your personality already. We know you will be a strong, smart, funny, and obviously handsome man one day…one young lady will be very lucky to marry you some day!


You have 12 teeth! 6 on top and 6 on the bottom.

Last time you were at the dr. you were 23 lbs and 31.5 inches.

You are a very healthy boy, 18 months and still no antibiotics or prescriptions in your name! IMG_9274

You have an outstanding vocabulary there isn’t much you can’t say and you talk non-stop. You can count to 3 and know all your body parts, know all the animals and their sounds (at least the common ones) and communicate with us really well. You are such a smarty pants!


You love Elmo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, whenever you see Mickey you say ‘hotdog-hotdog’ just like they do on the show!

You don’t miss a thing, you’re always observing the world around you! You can hear a truck go by our house, or spot a duck way before I do!



You have the best expressions, I don’t know where you get that from but you get comments on it even from strangers!


You are a great eater, there isn’t much you don’t like and you’re willing to  try anything!IMG_9239

Believe it or not, you have had your fair share of time outs in the last few months, you are

very strong-willed and like to have your way!  You also went through a little whiny stage; we hope Mr. Whiney is gone for good! 90% of the time you are so sweet and very well behaved for an 18 month old.

We love you just the same, even when you are a little naughty!


You will never know how much joy you bring us Grayden Robert!

We thank God for you everyday!

Happy 18 months baby!


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10 Responses to “ Happy 18 months Grayden! ”

Megan said...

I cannot believe how big he is getting, sooooo handsome! Happy 18 months G!

Morgan Paige said...


Kirsten: said...

He is so handsome and has a GREAT smile! Happy 18 months!

Anonymous said...

I swear he is Robb's child. Are you not telling us something? The resemblence is uncanny.

Daddy's Dream ~Mommy's Miracle said...

Very cute Katie! He is truly a blessing!

Kari Lynn said...

I love these pictures - captures his playful spirit so well!! (:

Anonymous said...

Happy 18 months, Grayden Robert! You are such a honey. We love you soooo much.

Grandpa & Grandma R.

Anonymous said...

He is truly a blessing! I love these pictures~did you take them? He is SOO cute! I love that age, and it is so fun to watch them learn every day.

Kate said...

Funny you should mention that anon, we went out to dinner to celebrate g's 18 month b-day last night and the couple next to us said to him "you look just like you're daddy!" we just smiled!

i did take these pics, right outside our house on a gorgeous november day in michigan!
thanks for your comments!

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

Oh how sweet!!!! Happy 1.5 years Grayden! We love you!! :)