Jacksonville Florida! Part 1

Monday, November 8, 2010

We had a great time on our little trip to Florida this past week! Although the weather wasn’t what we were hoping for, we made the most of our time away!
We (My Mom, Dad, Robb, Grayden and I)  left for Jacksonville, Florida early Wednesday morning. We flew from GR to Detroit and then to Jacksonville.
Grayden did great on the flight!  We brought lots of snacks and toys but he was pretty entertained by the other passengers or by looking out the window!

We stayed at the Hyatt in Jacksonville. It was right next to the river so we had such pretty views!
The first night we had a welcome reception.
The guys got to compete in ‘cooler cart’ races!
Both my Dad and Robb were chosen to race! It was so much fun to watch!
Robb ended up winning his heat so he got to compete for first place in the final round!


And as his prize he’s getting a cooler cart of his own!
He is super excited!
The next day (Thursday) the guys were off to different meetings and seminars for the convention they were at.
but the girls and Grayden got to hang out and have fun!
We spent a little time at the pool but it was really cloudy and a little chilly at times so no one actually went swimming!
The pool was on the roof top on the 19th floor!
The guys had some free time in the afternoon so they got to go on a charter fishing trip! They had lots of fun and I’m sure they will never forget it! The water was really rough so poor Robb ended up loosing his lunch in the Ocean!
At night there was another dinner and award ceremony.
They raffled off door prizes and Grayden was chosen to pick a winner. He reached in (with a little help from Grandpa) and pulled out a name…..and guess who’s it was? Robb!!! What are the chances of that? I’m not sure how many people were at the dinner but the whole ballroom was full so it was a lot! He won a $250 American Express gift card! How lucky is that!?!

Late Thursday night my sister Lisa flew in to stay with us the rest of the weekend.

More to come!

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3 Responses to “ Jacksonville Florida! Part 1 ”

Judy B. said...

What a fun post for this day! I'm jealous! I love the video and the pictures,especially Grayden and his Grandpa together! How fun!!

Lisa said...

The 2nd picture is so Grayden!! Love it!!

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