November Thanksgivings! Catch up days :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

...and I was doing so good too. ugh..well here's a little catch up! better late than never!

Day 17~ I am thankful for my friends and the relationships I have with each of them! They are such a special part of my life! Love you girls!
Day18~ I am thankful for food and water, I take these things for granted on a daily basis but I know there are so many who go without food and water much to often.
Day 20~I am thankful for this blog and the ability to share and document the happenings of my life. Its been so valuable to be able to go back and read things I wrote a couple years ago and see the way God has worked in my life and in me.
Day 21~I am so thankful to have my faith, I don't know how I would have ever gotten through those tough times without my faith in the Lord to guide me.
Day22~ I am thankful for Eternal life and the promise of spending eternity with Jesus and my loved ones.
Day 23~I am thankful for all of you readers and the encouragement, support (and concern when I got a week without blogging!) and love you have shown me through this blog. I never would have guessed I would make lasting friendships with people I 'met' online!
Day 24~I am thankful for the Lord's forgiveness when I fall short of His glory.
Day 25~ I am thankful for the many doctors and surgeons who have taken care of me now and in the past. I know God placed each of them in my life for a reason.
Day 26~I am thankful for Christian music and the way it ministers to me, so often I hear songs on the radio that speak to me in such a special way.
Day27~ I am thankful for God's love and even though I don't deserve it He loves me anyway and died on the cross for ME!
Day 28~ I am thankful for a healthy family, when anyone in my family gets sick I realize how much I take that for granted and remember to thank God for our health. I ask you to pray for the many people struggling with cancer and other illnesses right now, it seems like I hear of someone else getting the devastating diagnosis of cancer everyday and it breaks my heart every time. I hate that 'C' word.

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