Jacksonville Florida! Part 2

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So where did I leave off? Oh yes! Friday morning we all had breakfast together and then us girls and Gray headed into town to do a little shopping and find some place for lunch. We got SO irritated with our GPS that day, that thing took us all over Jacksonville. Apparently there is a lot of new roads in that area the the GPS didn’t recognize so we had quite the day. After that I needed a nap!
The boys took a tour of a Coast Guard ship  that was docked right next to our hotel after they were done with their meetings.
At night we had another dinner reception. Lisa and Grayden got room service that night and watched Little Einstein's, I wish I had a picture of that!
This wrapped up the convention part of our trip!
My favorite part of our trip to Jacksonville is coming up! 
Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to “ Jacksonville Florida! Part 2 ”

Lisa said...

I am so bummed I didn't think of taking a picture of our first room service experience.

Mindy Roelofs said...

We had an awful time with our GPS too in Chicago..but most of it was just the driver not paying attention to it and me looking out the window at all the planes flying in:)

Erika said...

om gosh! Gray is getting so big and handsome!!! looks like you are having a great time!

rlvd said...

Grayden looks so "old" in that cockpit-ish picture!!! :)