i think we might be crazy!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We put our house up for sale on Friday!


It was a big day at our house!

We purchased land to build on last summer so this has been in the works for awhile. We decided April 1 would be the day the sign went in the yard months ago, long before the baby news came and although we did a little second guessing on our decision to sell our house with a new baby on the way we stuck with the original plan!

We’re trusting God with this new journey as well! We know, as always, His timing will be perfect!

We had 2 showings already on Saturday so we could have a very busy Spring if it would sell soon!  But then on the other hand it could take months! As anxious as we are to start building our dream home once this house sells we know it will be bittersweet! We have SO many memories in this house!

Robb bought this house when we were still dating and fixed it all up as a hobby. I fell in love with the character of the house and knew we would one day live here as a couple when we got married.

We put A LOT of work into this house, lots of heart and soul was put into this project, fixing up our first home!

(sorry about all the scanned photos)






(don't we look young?!?) we were!

Robb proposed to me in this house when it was just newly dry-walled.




(wow, these pics are blurry, i guess my photo taking skills have improved some since then!)

We came home to this house from our honeymoon.

We brought Grayden home to this house from the hospital.

grayden 581

grayden 038


We’ve shared many laughs and many tears in this house…lots of memories. Can’t wait to make lots more memories in our future home!

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7 Responses to “ i think we might be crazy! ”

Just Believing said...

how exciting! what will you guys do in the mean time before you home is built???

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Wow, looks like a busy season of life for you guys! Best of luck selling your house, and I hope you'll be making lots of new happy memories in your new dream home very soon!

sandy02 said...

we just sold our house and it was super sad, but like you said, exciting at the same time to move to the next step!

When is the baby's due date?! Boy or girl?! Deeetaaaillllssss!!!! :0)

Hope the house sells quickly for you, are you going to rent or move in with family for a little while?

Annette said...

What a beautiful home!! Whoever ends up buying will be blessed with a home that was built (remodeled) with love! Congratulations and can't wait to follow in this journey of house building and having a new baby!

Jenn said...

I know exactly how you feel! We bought our house as as a shell literally and have since been engaged and married, raising our 1st child and expecting our second! We have land too that we plan to build on soon but it is so bittersweet...

Ashley said...

I can't believe the difference in those photos! WOW! You guys did a fantastic job on that remodel. Hope your new house brings you just as much joy as the last one did. :)

Rebekah said...

We are waiting for the market to bounce-back a little before we make our move, but we're hoping to do the same in the next couple of years. I often think about how sad it will be to live. We haven't put, nearly, as much sweat and tears into our place, but we did buy it together and have lived here for almost ten years.

When you think about all the memories (especially bringing Ty home) it all becomes very nostalgic.

But, like you, I too am ready for newness and adventure :).

I hope it sells quickly for you!!!