Sadler, you are 1 week old!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I can’t believe it, this past week has been so much fun and went so fast! We love you little Sadler, here’s what you’ve been up to!
We took you home from the hospital on thursday, welcome home!
you slept the whole way home (1 hour drive)
You had your first pedi appt. on Friday, Dr. H. said you were healthy and handsome! You weighed 7lbs 1oz.
(that thing sticking out of my head is actually in the background, not a funky hair piece!)
You celebrated your first Holiday on Sunday!! Easter!
We took you to church and you slept in your car seat the whole time!
You hate baths, your diaper being changed and being dressed!
You spent your first night sleeping in your crib last night, before then we had you in the bouncy seat, swing, boppy pillow..anywhere to get you to sleep. You had your nights and days mixed up but hopefully you have it figured out now!
You LOVE your paci!
You eat 2oz ever 3-4 hours and then you’re a little fussy for a bit after your bottle.
You took your first trip to visit daddy at work on Monday.
You love to be held and snuggled!
You love your hands and always keep them close by your face or try to eat them!
You sneeze like 50 times a day!
We love you so much Sadler Graham! We’re so thankful to have you in our lives!

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9 Responses to “ Sadler, you are 1 week old! ”

TanaLee Davis said...

These are fun facts of your first week as a "new" mommy.
Anyone having trouble clicking the tiny pictures to view?
just thought I'd mention it.


Jennifer Kay said...

The pics are all tiny and you can only click on the first one to enlarge it. :(

6 Worleys said...

same here...t i n y....can't see the precious bundle of joy!!!

The Pressley Family said...

I can only imagine how gorgeous he is! Even in tiny pictures:)

Kirsten: said...

I wish I could see the pix, they are teeny tiny and don't expand when you click on them. :(

Amber said...

I cannot see the pictures either, but I am so SO happy for you!

Cristin said...

I cant see the pictures either. Bet he's sooo cute though!

Holly said...

Wish I could see the pics better!

Drvance19 said...

Now going back and looking at all of the pictures I am even more excited that you got the news today. And looking back at the dates, I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like bringing your little man home and then having to wait 2 months before you know that he is and always will be yours. Celebrate!