Prayer Journey for baby L Day 8

Monday, April 11, 2011

You may have noticed I took a break from posting the prayer requests over the weekend, I’m thinking of those as ‘review days’ to go back and pray for all those things again!

Today let’s pray for Grayden. I know he will LOVE being a big brother, he is already so sweet and gentle to his cousin Makenna and we’re praying the same will be true with his lil bro!  We pray that Grayden will be a great role model for his brother and be kind and loving towards him. We also pray that he will always know how special he is to us and not feel neglected or less important once the little guys comes. We pray he adjusts well to the upcoming changes in this house and in our family!

I get all teary when I think about not having that one-on-one time with just me and Gray once the baby comes, I love our time together and want to make an effort to keep him included and schedule special time for just us as well!

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8 Responses to “ Prayer Journey for baby L Day 8 ”

Anonymous said...

Katie -
I 1st want to say I really love to read your blog! It's very obvious what a wonderful mother you really are! I will be joining in the daily prayers for you and your family.
I am a mom of a 22 month old boy and a 7 month old boy and completely understand your fears of not having as much one-on-one time with Grayden. It's something you may struggle with until you get comfortable settling into life with 2 kids. You will soon find your special time woth each boy alone is even better than before. I will pray you find peace with this and know you will still be the best mom to them both!

the Klein's said...

Hey, did not think I should say anything at Kindermusik today but wanted you guys to know how excited Leah and I are for you and yours! Will pray!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of adopting an older child? There are in need of homes too?

Kate said...

yes, we sure have! have you?

The Pressley Family said...

praying along side of you!

Devin said...

Kate, I sympathized so much with your comment about being teary eyed at the thought of not as much one on one time with G. I remember that EXACT feeling when I was pregnant with Cameron--looking at Colin, who was about 18 months, and tears streaming down my face because "it just wasn't going to be the two of us wasn't going to be the same!"

It's a totally normal feeling, although I remember feeling REALLY badly about it--like I wasn't excited enough that Cameron was on his way or something!! (Which, of course, wasn't the truth at all! We were thrilled about him!)

Anyway--all that to say that you are feeling exactly as I did--don't know if that is 'normal' or not :) but I wanted you to know that someone out there definitely relates and understands!! It will all work about once L gets here! I promise. :)

the sayers said...

It is a normal thought about "sharing" time. However--remember LOVE multiplies. And, you will be able to have one on one time with each. And, they will have to share you. Then, you and Robb still have time together. Will pray for you all.

K & J Sayers

Tim and Kate said...

Your blog makes me cry just about every time I read it. I just wanted you to know that I felt the same way when we were expecting our 2nd (and now with our 3rd due this summer) about not being able to split myself between the kiddos. You'll find lots of special quiet times for you and Graydon, new babies sleep a lot, toddlers not so much, use that time to do special things with him! And you'll probably be surprised with how big of a helper Gray is for you! So excited for you and am continuing to pray for all of you!