busy much?

Monday, November 7, 2011

i have lots of things to blog about but not the time to do it! life is crazy busy right now!

coming up when i find the time:

~Halloween ( think I'm the only blogger in cyber space who has not posted about this yet, am i right?)

~thoughts on orphan Sunday

~a super cool giveaway for all my local west Michigander readers

~new house stuff!

Stay tuned!

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3 Responses to “ busy much? ”

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait to hear about your house:)

Charlee said...

Nope. You are not alone. I haven't done my halloween post yet either! :(
I'm blaming it on the season...its a busy time of year for everyone! (Thats my story, and I'm sticking to it!)
Love your blog but I understand the craziness and lack of time!

Verna said...

Life with two little ones in the house, simply has to be BUSY, BUSY! We will patiently wait till you get photos and words put together to share with us.