{let’s rewind}

Saturday, November 19, 2011

monday~ we got the occupancy permit for our new house,


we started moving in that evening! it was an exhausting day, sadly I have no pictures of the craziness!

tuesday~ we were completely moved out of our old house so the new owners could move it.

our first home:





entry way/laundry room


living room


dining room


main bath




lower bath, loved that tiled shower/tub


lower level vanity


our room, so tiny!


our closet




sadler’s nursery


upstairs grayden’s room/playroom


pergola deck area


another deck shot

I didn’t cry when we left our first home behind and said goodbye, i totally could of….so many memories there, but we have lots to look forward to in our new home too!

the rest of the week~ we spent (almost) every waking moment unpacking box after box after box and finally today we are box free on the main floor; thanks to the help of many loved ones! We’ll tackle the lower level next week!


*We are loving it here and I know we’ll love it even more when we can finally relax and enjoy it once everything is in its spot!

Pictures to come!

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14 Responses to “ {let’s rewind} ”

Elma said...

Oh my word I love your new house!!! I can't wait to see pictures!! I know when we moved I just worked non stop till all was unpacked and put in its correct spot. It was nice to get it all done instead of taking weeks:) Have fun!!

Courtney said...

Your first house is so cute! Can't wait to see the new one in more detail. The outside looks fantastic!

Andrea said...

You all should be so proud of yourselves! You had a lovely old home and the new one is beautiful. Both of you work hard and you deserve these continued blessings.


Anonymous said...

Your old house is so nice. Perfectly decorated. Can't believe you would want to move. So many memories as you said and seemed perfect for your family of 4.

Anonymous said...

Your new house from the outside looks STUNNING. but why would you leave such a beautiful home?

Victoria said...

I love both of your homes. Your first house was adorable and your new house is GORGEOUS!!

jenni said...

Your first house is the cutest! I've seen your new house on Facebook and let me just tell you... speechless. I want to move in with you guys, lol.

Can't wait to see updated pictures! What a GREAT time to move into a new house! So happy for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new house!! It's lovely!!!! What is that blue thing on the wall in your bedroom? Also, love that blue color on your bedroom walls. Can you tell me the name of that paint?

Ryan V. said...

wow, congrats! It's beautiful! And can I just say that I love every single paint color your chose! I especially love the kitchen color and salon color! I bet you are so happy to finally be moved in! :)

Anonymous said...

Your old house is so cute, and your new house is gorgeous. However...do you worry about keeping such a big house clean?! ;)

Anonymous said...


Your new house is stunning! I look forward to seeing the pictures of the inside! Just curious...what made you decide to build so BIG?!

Kate said...

ok so heres the story on the wall with the blue paint! when we moved in we honestly weren't sure if a queen sized bed would fit in there with a headboard/footboard and still leave room to walk to the closet so i saw this idea on HGTV where you paint the headboard on the wall and we attached foam and fabric to 3 boards nailed on the wall where the headboard would go and used the blue to frame it, after a few years we slurged on bed furniture and it fit wonderfully!
the paint is called vintage grey from lowes!

Anonymous said...

I love the lower level vanity from your old house! Are you using it for your new house as well?

Kate said...

nope, that had to stay with the house!