Halloween 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our little farmer and chicken (or is it a rooster?)




and with cousin, Makenna, the cow!


We don’t go crazy on Halloween by any means, we just took the boys to the great grandparent and grandparents and call it a night! In fact, the grand total spent on their costumes was a whoppin’ $5, we already had everything for Grayden’s costume and Sadler’s costume I bought a few weeks ago on an online yard sale for $5! Score!

So fun to dress them in their cute costumes!

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5 Responses to “ Halloween 2011 ”

Kirsten: said...

Such a cute farm family!

Kelly's Avenue said...


Patrice said...

Oh. My. Word! So stinking cute!

Rachel C said...

seriously, so adorable!
Gotta take advantage of these opportunities while they're little because you know they won't be dressing like chickens a few years from now!
Actually, I have the cutest little witch costume that neither of my daughters would ever wear. They ruin all my fun ;)

Katye said...

you're family is simple perfect!