a glimpse at what we’ve been so busy with

Tuesday, November 8, 2011




yes, that’s wallpaper…going up! i know, its a lost art, but its coming back people! this isn’t you’re grandma’s wallpaper! :)

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8 Responses to “ a glimpse at what we’ve been so busy with ”

Verna said...

That is very pretty wall paper. So excited for you guys.

sherri said...

I don't have any wallpaper in our house but have been scoping some out. What brand is the one you picked. It is very pretty!

Kate said...

the brand is stacey garcia called "femme floral"

Marcie said...

Now I want to see the whole room!!

Elma said...

Oh ya!!! I LOVE the wallpaper:) I have been seeing it alot in magazines as they do a big print in a small room like a foyer:) Can't wait to see more!! Elma

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!!

Allie said...

Wallpaper is surely making a comeback! You are so right! Love what you have chosen! :) How fun!

Andrea said...

What? I never knew it went out ;) As a designer, we never let go of our need for a little paper! Love your selection, the color palette is gorg!