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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i made this birthday banner before grayden’s 1st birthday party so its been used a few times already and i’m hoping to will make it to many more!
it wasn’t hard to make but it was time consuming to cut out all the circles! it was nice to have a husband helper!!


first i printed out the letters in a large, fun font on plain, white paper so the letters would pop against the bright colors. then i roughly cut around the letters and set them aside.

next i traced enough circles for each letter in ‘Happy Birthday’ (with 4 extras if you want blank ones on the ends) in two different sizes on fun bright colored paper, i used bowls to trace around.

you can use whatever colored paper would match you’re theme, i chose colors that would work for any theme for years to come!


then, using a glue stick, glue the letter to the smaller circle and then the smaller circle to the larger circle. I used a hole punch to punch holes on each side of the larger cirlce and tied ribbons to connect them, (you could use twine for a more rustic look). For the ends, leave a long ribbon to use to tie up your banner!!


that’s it! cheap and easy!

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6 Responses to “ birthday banner how to ”

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I inquired on this yesterday! I love this idea, I am throwing a friend a baby shower in a few weeks and will be using this type if banner now!

Simply Amy said...

it is absolutely adorable!

Kate said...

you're welcome!
have fun!

Stephanie said...

So cute, turned out great!! I did something similar and we've used it for the last three years :)

Heather N in MI said...

Very cute banner! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that star on your mantle? I love it!

Kate said...

i got the star YEARS ago at a little shop in Shipshewana, IN.