garage sale success

Friday, April 27, 2012

the boys and I hit up our first garage sales of the season this morning! we went to a couple neighborhoods and browsed around!

here’s a look at our loot:


*“Be Safe Little Boy” book: We already have this book, but this one was in much better condition that ours and for only .50  I couldn’t pass it up!

*dark khaki Cherokee  pants: $1.50 Gray was in major need of new dress pants! SCORE!

*light khaki Gymboree pants: $1

*navy Old Navy dress pants: $1.50

brown Gymboree shorts .50

Merrell shoes: .75 definitely worn but they are excellent quality shoes so i know they have lots of play use left in them!

SmartFit shoes: .25

its so hard to find used clothes/shoes for boys once you get past 12-18 months that are in nice condition, boys just wear things right out so I was pretty happy with these finds! I usually don’t have much luck at all finding clothes! Poor Sadler didn’t get anything, but his wardrobe is set for life, he gets all Gray’s outgrown stuff!


And my {tuck-n-run} deal of the day:


a plasma car for $5!! (sold at target for $58)



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8 Responses to “ garage sale success ”

Samantha said...

You got quite the haul! Gotta love the plasma car! ;)

Love your blog, long-time follower and would love to have you guest-post on my site sometime!

Thanks and have a Happy Friday!!


Rebekah said...

We did the same thing today and had the same luck! So fun!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sadler will always get hand me downs....I think he will be taller and bigger then his brother.:)

Jeannie said...

That's one of the best parts of this time of year..garage sales!!

Great finds!

Anonymous said...

Yes, don't count on the hand me downs. I had a good run, but now at 7 and 9 years old, my youngest is wearing the same size as his older brother! Also, you are so right about not finding things once they are older. Boys just plain wear things out. The elusive pair of garage sale pants without a hole in the knee is at this point just as likely as me being crowned queen! Looks like a spectacular haul!!

Elma said...

Wonderful finds!!! Love the plasma car!!!

Leah said...

Nicely done!

storage Tulsa OK said...

Children grow up so fast and one way to properly dispose of old toys and clothes is to have a garage sale. There are even couples who love going to garage sales so that they can buy used yet still nice clothes for their children - since they will not be wearing them for a long time anyway. Your post gives insight on the things that we can still keep and store as to the things that we need to give up for sale to help de-clutter our living spaces. Thanks!