Take your {son} to work day!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today Gryaden had a very special day hanging out with daddy at work! It played out really well because Robb was out of town for a few days, and came home EARLY this morning while everyone was still sleeping, so it was fun for them to be able to spend time together at work!

I dropped Gray off by Robb after Sadler woke up from his morning nap and Sadler and I headed to town for a few errands while the big boys worked!




when our errands were done we brought lunch to the guys and then we all headed home!

gray even got his first paycheck!!
lucky boy!!

Gray fell asleep during the 5 minute car ride home, all that working tuckered him out!


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5 Responses to “ Take your {son} to work day! ”

Jan said...

Oh...what fun! I remember a cute picture of Robb at his daddy's work...using a cal-a-ca-tor...ha!ha!

Simply Amy said...

I bet he was so excited! I remember the first time I went with my daddy to work.

Anonymous said...

He should have taken both boys and it could have been "relaxing for mom day" LOL!

bellagirl2010 said...

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Elma said...

what wonderful memories!!!