iphoto dump day

Friday, April 20, 2012

Monday was quite a day for us! we started out with routine blood work for me in the morning, the boys had fun playing with the chairs in the waiting room! IMG_0631

on my way out of the office i looked down at my arm and saw blood all over my shirt sleeve and dripping everywhere!! that’s happened a time or two before but hardly ever! so i used baby wipes to clean my shirt up and stop the bleeding.

then in the parking lot grayden fell on the sidewalk! he had toys in his hands that he didn’t want to let go of so his nose caught his fall! He was in hysterics demanding a band-aid and to “hurry to target” so more baby wipes were used, just like i suspected sadler had a dirty diaper when we stopped to feed the ducks so i scraped by with one wipe!


once we got the band aid he was much better!

then we went to feed the ducks which i was hoping would cheer him up but he was petrified!


(switched to an iphone in case you noticed a difference in photo quality :)

trip to sams club with my mom and makenna, i spotted sadlers birthday gift on the website but didn’t have a membership :) they didn’t have it in stock though!



my uncle Dave was doing some excavating work at the neighbors lot so we had to go stop and say hi! the boys loved it!


this boy loves his brother’s cozy coupe!



sadler got into a lot of mischief on his birthday!




we started a marble jar for gray, he gets a marble in the sundae cup for good behavior and looses a marble for naughty behavior, its working like a charm! when the cup is full he gets a prize!

gray added his special touch to my decor! a jar full of crumbled stickers!

nose healing up!


catching up, so close now! it will feel so good to be on schedule again, its been months!


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5 Responses to “ iphoto dump day ”

Terrai said...

Katie now that you're an iPhone user, you need to join Instagram! Make all your pictures of the boys really pretty & artsy!

bellagirl2010 said...

what book is this that you are reading? i am interested in reading the bible like this again.

Cristin said...


I've been having lots of behavior problems with my child. We've tried a smiley chart...but it only worked ok. I think this might work!!! Trying it this week!!!

Kate said...

It's the one year chronological bible! I love it!
The marble jar pic is instagram! Still trying to figure it all out!

Terrai said...

Are you going to make your instagram account public?