Christmas {part}y 3

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our third Christmas party of the season was Saturday night by my parents house. 

We had a delicious dinner that my mom prepared, and then exchanged gifts. 

 I was terrible at taking pictures this year, the boys just move too fast!

Sadler's pile of gifts!
 And Grayden's pile

They've already had lots of fun with their tent and sleeping bags! Can't wait for outdoor camp outs this Summer!

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3 Responses to “ Christmas {part}y 3 ”

Ashley said...

Looks like a great Christmas!!

shakira said...

Hi Katie,

I was wondering how you did your hair for the visit to your mom's house? ANy tips would be appreicated.


Kate said...

I started by curling the ends real quick and then teased the hair in the crown section of my head until I got the height I wanted. Then using a comb I smooth out the top layer but be careful not to comb out all the teasing.
Next I part my hair to one side, only and inch or two back to the start of your bump from teasing, then bring all your hair back around your head to the back of your ear, and fasten it there with bobby pins.
I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions!