Grayden Robert {3.5 years old}

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wow, Gray! I can not believe how old you are getting! You are far from being that tiny baby you once were, and I can’t even call you a toddler anymore, you are a big boy now!


^6 months


^1.5 years


^2.5 years

You bring so much laughter and joy to our lives! Yes, you have you’re moments, but what 3.5 year old BOY doesn’t?!


You are loving school, and making so many friends. I hear you talk about Grace A. and Andrew a lot.

You get such a kick out of hiding from people lately, when daddy comes home from work, the minute you hear the driveway alarm you run to the nearest hiding spot, with Sadler right behind you!

You’re going through a ‘mommy’s boy” phase and cry whenever I have to leave you. I hate to leave you too, buddy, but you always end up having a great time playing with whoever is watching you!


You are so smart and funny! When I ask you our address you say it correctly but add “dot com” to the end! So funny! So for instance, you say:

1234 Main Lane*,

Holland, Michigan, dot com. That’s a different kind of address buddy! :)

*not our real address so don’t send any Christmas cards there!

If there’s a word you can’t pronounce well, like “refrigerator” or “aquarium,”  you say ‘my tongue can’t say that too good’

You think every book I read is a Bible.

You typically go to bed around 9pm and wake up at 7ish. And still take 2 hour naps most days.

You can buckle up and unbuckle your car seat, such a big help during these cold weather months!

You’ve become quite the back seat driver! You make sure I make complete stops at stop signs and look both ways, TWICE! You let me know if I’m going too fast or if I stop too abruptly you tell me to ‘drive careful!’ I have no idea where you picked that up, but I love it!

You are the king of compliments, always telling me you like my hair, or shirt, you tell me I’m pretty and that I’m the best mommy ever, so sweet! You are always telling Sadler he’s so cute and that you’re so proud of him! Grayden, I love that!

You love ‘knock knock’ jokes, yours never make sense but that’s what makes us laugh!

You want so badly to tie your own shoes. You insist on getting yourself dressed, (especially on days we’re in a hurry!) but I still get to pick out your outfit ;)

We had our first parent/teacher conferences for you, you’re teacher says you are doing great, she commented on your great memory.

You love your brother. Even though you rarely play nice together, you have taken on your big brother role like a true champ! So protective and sweet to him.


You’re still big into playing with cars and trucks and your toy animals.

You love to look at ‘I spy’ or ‘look and find’ books and are crazy good at them, you can find the objects before I do!

You have an amazing memory. You hear something once and will remember it for months. You learn the words to songs so fast.

You are silly and serious. You ask about Heaven one minute, and make up silly stories about talking corn the next minute!!


We’re really working with you on listening the first time you’re told to do something, how we need to respect people and their things, sharing, and not talking back.

Grayden, we love you more than you will ever know. Even though these 3 year old times can be kinda challenging at times, we couldn’t be more proud of you and the big boy you are becoming!


Mommy and Daddy

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7 Responses to “ Grayden Robert {3.5 years old} ”

Wendy said...

Love this post. I can't believe how big he's getting!

Wonderful pictures :)

Kim said...


I love seeing God smile through your family!

I rarely ever comment but I just ran across another blog post on teaching your child to tie their shoes. I'm going to do this with my 5 year old and thought you'd be interested in it with Grayden.

You and your husband are doing such a wonderful job with your boys. You truly are.

~ Kim

Kim said...

Oh! I forgot to give you the link on teaching your child to tie their shoes, sorry!

~ Kim

kim E. said...

adorable! happy birthday to your handsome little guy. what a blessing.

Paula said...

What a cutie! (Both of them!)

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Rachel C said...

Cute! I can relate with so much of what you wrote with my own son too. He can be the sweetest thing, and then so ornery the next minute.
Today he was asking to watch a movie and before I could answer he said "Come on, I'm irresistible."