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Friday, December 21, 2012

I haven’t posted my instagram (follow me at katiejo1122) photos at all yet this month, so bare {or is it bear?!} with me as I overload you with pictures!

one of grayden’s preschool friends gave out temporary tattoos as a birthday treat. As you can see, Grayden thought it was the coolest!


Sadler did something to make his head bleed, I have no idea what! I was running my hand through his curls like I often do and felt something sticky, thinking it was yogurt from breakfast I went to wash it out and noticed it was dried up blood! I didn’t even know he got hurt, this kid is tough!



I heard the song “scars” by Johnny Diaz on the radio and love the lyrics

“They remind us where we’ve been but not who we are”

I prayed for the day I would no longer be defined as ‘the girl with the kidney transplant’ (yes,people referred to me as that, never knowing how it affected me)


my super boring lunch the day before we left on our cruise, made me even more excited for lunches onboard the windjammer cafe!


Robb was teaching Gray about coins and what they are worth, he soaked it all in. That boy loves to learn!


Sadler was not falling asleep in his crib, so I laid down with him in our bed and he was out in seconds.


sleeping again? NOPE, he’s {slurping} the last drop of soup off his tray that he spilled on! Hilarious!


finished the photo gallery wall in the playroom with the boy’s art work from our painting party a few weeks ago!


playing pinterst games; grayden’s rolling a marble and trying to get it to stop inside the duct taped boxes on the floor


sadler’s having a blast putting checkers in a wipes tub and then dumping them out again.


another pinterest project, little gifts for Grayden’s {Sunday School, Kid’s Club and 3-school} teachers


Sunday night rodeo by Grandma and Grandpa’s house after the Christmas program


Sweet boys before school, Grayden was the special helper that day


Sadler and I always run errands while Gray is in school. He caused a lot of attention this day while he snoozed in the cart!

He fell asleep in the car and I couldn’t carry him any longer and push the cart, so I laid him down and he slept for another 20 minutes!

I could have gotten done grocery shopping so much quicker, but everyone wanted to stop for a peek! {I didn’t mind!}


Grayden had his Kid’s Club Christmas pajama/movie party this week! Such a cutie!


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