'insta friday' on saturday

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We had a busy, but fun week!

I took the boys to play group Monday morning, they always love it there, but this time was extra special with aunt lisa (she does daycare) and aunt mindy joining us with their kiddos!

Sadler takes his teeth brushing very seriously, always makes this face! 

Grayden got to take daddy to his preschool Monday night for a daddy open house, they had a great time making crafts and playing together. 

My little shopper was all tuckered out tuesday morning at our weekly Target stop before music class.

Tuesday afternoon Robb left for Kentucky to spend the week at a Truck show, we missed him lots!

I finally figured out a way to keep Sadler in his room at night, double hung gates on the arched doorway (he would either climb over top or crawl underneath just one!) and a safety knob on the doorknob on the other door!
So pleased with myself!

Wednesday morning Biggby Coffee had 99 cent drinks so we took advantage of those...
before heading to the aquatic center for a mommy and me workout 

sadler joined me doing wall sits!

and then we played in the water for awhile, the boys were SO good. They loved it!

Thursday I had my last MOPS meeting of the year, and at night I had another family food revolution class. 
This week we talked about snacks vs. treats and the role sugar plays in our diet (suppresses immune system, causes hyperactivity, anxiety, food allergies, can play a role in asthma, and much more). Basically read=Sadler; no more sugar!
One thing I want to remember is that snacks are meant to carry us from one meal to the next and how to make them count by having a healthy snack, not a sugary treat. 
The boys spent the night with my mom, they loved taking a bath in my parents' big tub and Gray thought it was so fun to sleep in the same room with Sadler for the night.  Thanks Mom for having them!

 I had to text Robb a picture of all the snow he was missing out on.
I'm so ready for Spring!

Sharing a muffin with my buddy Friday morning while Gray was in school.

Robb came back Friday evening, so glad to have him back home!

Have a great weekend!

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6 Responses to “ 'insta friday' on saturday ”

Traci said...

So how long does it take Sadler to actually fall asleep at night? My daughter will just play and play until I put her in the crib. I'm sure she would stay up until 11:00 or later. Thankfully she doesn't climb out of the crib but she does get out of her toddler bed. I'm wondering if we should just gate her room and let her just do her thing until she's ready to sleep.

Kate said...

Sometimes he'll go right to sleep but then come out at all hours of the night whenever he tosses and turns in bed he'd just come out....such a light sleeper! Other times he stays up for 10 minutes or so but there is nothing in his room to play with so that helps!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to hear what you've been learning from this food class! So, does the instructor say NO sugary snacks at ALL for toddlers? 100% healthy all the time? Also, does he/she give you lots of great meal ideas or just food items to include?

Anonymous said...

You are busy girl. Don't forget to relax and stay home sometimes. You will miss that once they are in school..

Kate said...

she talks a lot about doing what rights for your family and how everyone is on a continuum, all at different places in theirs in terms of how they feed their family. and yes, she gives lots of recipes to try!

we did have an extra busy week, we typically stay home mondays unless there is play group that week. we like to keep moving! its more relaxing for me to get out of the house at the stage my boys are in now ;) a lot less fighting and arguing when we keep busy!

LeAnn Bornemann said...

Had to laugh when I saw your double-hung baby gates! Did the exact same thing with my little one. Close the door, she'd open it. Hang one gate, she'd go over it. Took a couple times trying to climb over the top of two, but she learned she'd met her nemesis! Hard to beleive it was already 10 years ago! Mama needs a break: stay in bed! good luck!