Weekend Wrap up

Monday, March 11, 2013

Friday night Robb and I went to consistory retreat at church. This is Robb's second year serving as a deacon in our church, this year the wives were invited to come to the retreat.
I was happy to come along and learn how to better support him. 

We got finished up for the night around 9:30 and then headed to Logan's Roadhouse with the Flokstra's for appetizers. We had a great time! 

Saturday morning we headed back to church for the second half of the retreat. It got done at noon and we went to pick the boys up from Lisa's house where they spent the night. They had such a fun time at their sleepover with Aunt Lisa! 

 We relaxed in the afternoon, it was nice to be home after being gone most of the week.

 At night we went out with Scott and Stacey. We always have a great time! 

Sunday we went to church and sunday school, we had a speaker who works with an orphanage in Haiti during Sunday School so Mindy took Sadler back to my parents house while we listened to him and Gray had class. 
We picked Sadler up afterwards but Gray then wanted to stay, so we did a little swap for the afternoon.
On the way to the Revolution service we picked him back up. We spent the rest of the evening together watching The Bible. Anyone else been watching? I think it's really neat to watch the Bible stories come to life.

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2 Responses to “ Weekend Wrap up ”

Anonymous said...

Yes have been watching as a family and love it. Dont forget to do a post on your weight loss and exercise.

Wendy Pagot said...

We are watching the Bible also! So neat to see it come to life. My two year old started watching with us but we decided it was a bit too violent for him so now we DVR it and watch it later in the evenings. Love reading your blog and seeing pics of your sweet kiddos!
Smiles from Ohio!