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Friday, March 8, 2013

life lately in iphone pics
 text between robb and that move, haha! 
i think its time you all know how dorky we are :)

as i mentioned before, this little Houdini has started climbing out of his crib, so we turned the crib around so the high side was facing out and the low side that he climbed out of was to the wall. This bought us about 2 weeks, until he figured out how to climb out of the sides!
Next step was to take the bottom spring part totally out of the crib and drop the mattress to the floor, still inside the crib! Genius! There was no way our little peanut could climb out now!
 He climbed out in 2 minutes flat and would continue to get out over and over again.
Nothing would stop him!

We were left with no (safe) choice other than move him into a toddler bed, buh-bye crib...tear
The first night he fell asleep by the gated door!
But we moved him into his bed once he was sleeping soundly and he did great!
We are getting there

I will miss this...

love this...

love our lunch dates with daddy

 finally took myself and my love handles back to Zumba last week!

Target  online Spring shopping on a snowy day

I'm trying some new recipies lately to add a little variety to our vegetable, I made cauliflower rice which was really good, and buffalo cauliflower bites, delicious but spicy!
And speaking of buffalo, I want to try the buffalo chicken pizza recipe in the BlogHer TV video on the top of my blog, doesn't that look yummy!?

Gray found a puzzle that was intended for a birthday present and helped himself to it! at least he liked it!

naps for both boys are now few and far between since Sadler's escaping routines, so rest time watching Ice Age movies is in order!

 Sunday night dinner with friends

Sadler locked himself into the office while we were waiting to pick Gray up from school, never a dull moment!

Monster smoothie in his monster jammies, he's obsessed with them both!

We switched Sadler's car seat to forward facing just in time for our road trip to Indy this past week, he's not a baby anymore :(  he'll be 2 in a little over a month!

I had been looking everywhere for a cardi like this and I finally found one online at kiki la rue, 
love it

This past week my family and I were in Indy for the work truck show, the guys had meetings and us girls and the 4 kids did a lot of shopping (so fun to shop in another town!) and playing in the hotel room

Gray even got to go to the expo for a couple hours yesterday!

 Aunt Lisa was a great pillow for the boys on the way home!

It was 'beach day' at school today! so fun!
Sadler and I hit up Target today and found a great deal on towels, for 70% off I snatched some up for the camper!

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2 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Jami said...

Home Alone!!!!

Elma said...

Looks like a fun fun week!!! My kids stayed in the crib till 4 or 5:) I just left the railing down. OH well your baby is just growing way to fast!!! Cute pictures!!