3rd and final camping trip {TriPonds}

Friday, August 16, 2013

We spent the week of August 3-10 camping at TriPonds with our group of friends from church. Once again we had 13 adults and 12 kids 4 and under!

The first part of the week was a little disappointing for August weather, but we made the most of it! By the end of the week we had gorgeous weather!

Gray didn't do much swimming that week, so I'm glad I got a pic of him when he did!

Checking out the petting zoo! Sadler was so nervous to be around the goats!

Autumn and Sadler deep in conversation about the crazy goats!

Grayden LOVED these Perler beads I took along for him! Kept him busy for hours!

The Genzink's Choo-Choo was a big hit!

fun with play-doh!

kissing cousins!

I was so proud of the boys sleeping habits, they came a long way since our first camping adventure!

they loved the mud puddles we woke up to Wednesday morning!

arts and crafts time!

I can not even begin to guess how many miles were put on the bikes that week! Countless!

snuggles with Aunt Lisa after wearing himself out jumping in the pool over and over again!

Robb surprised us Thursday by taking off of work for the afternoon, we LOVED having him around to play during the day!

After spending all morning golfing on Friday, the guys made us a yummy dinner, the onion rings were amazing!

cool dudes!

Grayden sat with the Robb and Mr. Phil for quite sometime, perfectly content just overhearing their guy-talk!

Saturday night ride in the kayak!

The boys and I took a hayride around the campground, loved that!

snuggles around the campfire!
Grayden helping with the pancakes for our big breakfast Saturday morning!


Robb hooked the cable up later Saturday morning so the boys could watch a little TV, the couple DVD's we watched for some quite time got pretty old!

Robb took Gray along with some of our friends to go pick blueberries while Sadler was napping that afternoon.
Grayden and Kelli walking back with their loot.

Mindy and I trying our hand at making donuts for Sunday breakfast!

Sunday morning we took the goat on a short walk, 
this goat was so stubborn we had to bribe it with a tree branch, 
Grayden said "here goat, come get your appetizer!"
too funny!

Yes, that's Sadler walking a goat! He'd come along way around the goats over the week. 

The campground held a church service later that morning that we all went to.
They invited the little kids to come up and help them sing a song. Grayden marched right up there and was even handed the microphone for a little solo!

 After the service we headed to pool one last time, and then packed up and headed home!
We had a great time!

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