{bUmPDATE} end of week 18!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

baby L. 18w3d, 
profile; femur bone and knee cap over and up to the left. dark spot in the middle is the heart. 

Belly and full shot of the legs. 

 Bare belly comparison every 6 weeks:

Comparsion shot of my 18(ish) week belly picture with Brenham. 

I've been feeling SO much bigger this time, but by comparing pictures, I guess it doesn't seem too far off. Maybe just carrying different?!

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8 Responses to “ {bUmPDATE} end of week 18! ”

belle said...

You look lovely and glowing and all things beautiful! So excited to see your family growing :)

Renee said...

Love all the pictures! And I showed really early with Leland, but I think it's because it was my second, even though my first only lasted 12 weeks. I was showing with Leland by 9 weeks (someone who I hadn't told that I was pregnant said I must be 15-20 weeks).

As for the weight gain, I gained 9 pounds between my 24 week and 28 week appointments! Oops. Too many cookies, I think.

Bec74 said...

So... Do we know if its a baby boy or baby girl?
You look so cute!

Momma Bird said...

You look awesome! You look like you were carrying lower with Brenham...if the old wives tails were right it would mean this is a girl ;-)

Kelsey Posma said...

you look amazing, Momma! :) continuing to pray for you and that sweet little babe. xo

Elma said...

So cute!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...


Alycia Turner said...

You look lovely! Will you be finding out gender or wait and be surprised at birth?