Boulder Ridge Animal Park

Friday, August 30, 2013

We made a last minute decision last Saturday to take the boys to the zoo, it's kinda been tradition to go to a zoo every Summer, and we realized our time to do so was ticking away as Summer comes to a close. 
 We headed out around 11, but made a quick stop at our small town airport to watch some planes fly in from an event they had going on. 
The boys LOVED that, we were worried the new zoo we were going to check out wouldn't quite live up the airplanes, but we were wrong! The Boulder Ridge Animal Park was awesome!

 We took a safari to see the African animals, Gray was really happy to see a wildebeest, he was hoping they were at this zoo!

Feeding the birds:

Sadler is not a bird fan!

The giraffes were their favorite!

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