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Friday, August 23, 2013

Gray loved feeling the baby moving one morning while he laid with me in bed watching cartoons! His face just lit up every time he felt a kick!

The worst part of camping, SO much laundry! 

Gray about to head out for his last night of VBS, he loved it!

he's so sweet!

Grayden had a dentist appointment last week, his second one.

Sadly, we had to go back the next day for a filling but at least I got to enjoy a second cup of their delicious chai lattes!

Sadler fell asleep one night right outside our bedroom door! We had no idea he was there until we went to check on the boys before we went to sleep!

Home cooked food hasn't been a fave of mine during this pregnancy, so I had to document one of the few meals I've made in the past few months. 
Spinach Lasagna Rolls (recipe found here)

Ready for the oven

Picture a side of cantaloupe on the plate that Robb always has to cut up, I can't stand the slimy texture, but love the taste!

Yum! The boys inhaled it!

Please tell me you talk with your hands too?! lol
Makenna's first haircut!

This is how the Lubbers wash the windows, power washer!

Picking out school supplies for the backpack drive

Prepping for our back to school bash!

Comforting words as we headed into our BIG 20-week ultrasound on Thursday with a little anxiety. 

Munching on some cotton candy on the way to the ultrasound, trying to wake baby up!

We celebrated the news of a healthy baby(!!!) by a family movie night to see Planes!

This was Sadler's very first movie in a theater and he did great!

Have a great weekend!

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5 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Momma Bird said...

Congrats! Love your hair! You looked absolutely gorgeous in your cotton candy photo. I forgot, did you find out and just aren't telling people or are you waiting to find out what you are having? I love the quote by the way...I need to remind myself of that very thing right now.

Elma said...

Such wonderful news!!!!!

melissa said...

I have a huge struggle getting my hair to bump....It is past my shoulders, somewhat layered and texturized at the ends....any tips or products? Your hair always looks so cute!! Can you come to Florida and do mine?? Also, what is the cut of your hair? Do you have short layers? Maybe that is what I need for the volume :)

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I'd love to come to Florida! ;)
Layers are a must, the shorter they are the easier it is to create volume. Also, my hair works best when it's a little dirty, I don't wash it everyday but on the days i do, I brush a little baby powder into the roots to dirty it up a little and hold the bump. Be generous with the hair spray too! And a fine tooth comb is crucial!

Amy said...

Whats your name on Instagram? I keep trying to find you and never can! Congrats on the healthy babe!