Boys' Race Car Birthday Party

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We had the boys' birthday party this past Sunday afternoon. 

This was their invite, I thought it turned out very cute!

The food spread, I kinda went with a concession stand theme for the food. 

That's a race car hood in the background that we borrowed from my dad. The centerpiece was from a Nascar race that my parents went to when they stayed in a suite, that was about as far as I went with decorations this year. 

the birthday boys before opening their gifts

The boys got lots of great gifts. From us Grayden got a new Lego set and Sadler got his own bike! They also received their own personalized luggage, scooters, rain boots, clothes, an art set, kites, and lots of games. 

We always ask the boys to put on a little performance for their guests at parties, we were hoping Grayden would tell us a Bible story (he does so good for us) but he got a little stage fright and sang "Go Tell it on the Mountain" instead :)

The awesome cupcakes made by my friend Angie! Such a hit! 

The boys had a great time and we loved celebrating their birthdays! 

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4 Responses to “ Boys' Race Car Birthday Party ”

DianeTaylor said...

What a fun party! Sadler looks soooo happy on his new bike. All of a sudden, he looks so grown up to me.

Happy birthday boys!

~Dawn~ said...

Such a cute party!!

Mary Ann said...


Rachel C said...

Looks fun :)
Love the food table. Easy but yummy - great ideas!