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Monday, April 7, 2014

The night we got back from our cruise we watched Frozen at the Roelofs'. They missed each other so much!
Jovie had a weight check the following day, she only gained a half a pound in a month so we had to increase her calories in her bottles. She also had a head x-ray done. We noticed a protrusion in the back of her head shortly after she was born, her pedi was keeping an eye on it and decided it was time to get it checked out. The concern was that the bones in her scull had fused together too quickly, which would result in surgery. Thankfully, that was not the case! She'll probably just grow into it. 

Waiting for her x-ray with some drinks at the coffee shop nearby with Aunt Mindy. 

Breakfast at the cafe with this handsome date before meeting friends at the library for story time. 

Crafts after story time!

Robb was out of town a couple days so me and my mom and sisters enjoyed hibachi at Kobe and a night of shopping. 

Friday night we had a pizza party at Grandma's and waited for the guys to get home from Kentucky.  Sader was reading about tuna sandwiches from the Bible ?
Lazy Saturday!

Lunch for the boys made me Robb, love it!

Perfect ending to a Saturday!

We took Jovie on her first stroller ride outside Sunday afternoon. 

short sleeves and snow, crazy Michigan kids! :)

Jovie and I hanging out while the boys watched the Michigan game!

Fun at the park while Gray was in school on Monday!

I had my gallbladder taken out on Tuesday morning, everything went fine other than finding out I'm allergic to morphine! I was able to go home that afternoon. 

I spend Wednesday watching the Food Network with my ice pack, and sleeping! Thanks to the Grandma's for watching the kids!

Grayden worked so hard on this puzzle while we were at Grandma R's house on Thursday. 

We spent Friday being as lazy as possible, as I was still pretty sore. Baths just because!

Saturday night Robb and I went out for dinner and fro-yo! First time this year!

And date night wouldn't be complete without getting a few groceries!

We all stayed home from church on Sunday because the boys both have bad coughs, thankfully they act and feel fine, but they sound horrid! Grayden loved being able to help make our chili for lunch. 

sleeping beauty

It was a gorgeous day and we all needed some fresh air, so we headed to the outdoor discovery center to explore. 

Enjoying the quiet on the front porch Sunday night, while the boys were with Grandpa and Grandma getting fro-yo, and Jovie was napping. 

This little sweetie always waits to poop until she's in a fresh diaper! Love her!

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3 Responses to “ Insta Catch-Up ”

Mary Ann said...

I'll look on the target website thanks:) love the pics of your house- and lack of clutter! You go girl! I need to work on that.

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog and the great pics. Your family is beautifully blessed! Glad that you have recovered nicely from your surgery and had some relaxing days following it.

Mel @

Elma said...

Love that you are feeling well!! Love all the pictures:)