Sadler's Birthday!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Saturday was Sadler's 3rd birthday. Our birthday tradition is celebrate by going out to breakfast. This time we decided to take just Sadler out instead of the whole family coming, so we could give him our undivided attention on his special day! Turns out that he would have rather had Grayden along, he asked to go pick him up about 15 times that morning, but it was a nice thought :)

We went to the Farmhouse for breakfast. Sadler loved his pancakes!

After breakfast we went to the 'day of the young child' expo. 
it was our first time going and we had lots of fun checking out all the cool stuff!

We grabbed some fro-yo and then went to Aunt Lisa's house to pick up Grayden, (and Jovie) like he wanted! 

 We loved celebrating with him! 

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4 Responses to “ Sadler's Birthday! ”

~Dawn~ said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! Cheers to being 3!

Anonymous said...

Yeash too young for a day alone. They don't get it. That becomes more special as a they get older. It probably felt like a punishment.

Allie said...

Wow, anonymous, a little judgemental. I highly doubt he felt like it was a punishment. I am sure he had a great time!

~Amanda~ said...

How fun!! My three year old loves our dates without her sister! That photo strip will be something he can hang on to forever! Sweet memories!