Easter {2014}

Monday, April 21, 2014

I just love Easter Sunday! I'd missed the last 2 weeks of church to stay home with coughing kiddos, so I was so thankful everyone was doing better and we were all able to start the morning off with worshiping our Risen Lord! It was beautiful day!

After church we gave the kids their Easter baskets, the boys got goggles, drinking cups, magic marker pads, ScoobyDo mouth wash (he begged!) and m&ms. Jovie got a baby be Blessed doll and bib. 

 We headed to Robb's Aunt and Uncle's house for lunch, as always everything was so delicious!

hunting for eggs

In the evening we went to my parents house for dinner and another egg hunt!
Sadler, being a 3 year old, didn't want to sit next to Gray!

even Jovie got to hunt for eggs!

Such a fun night!

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One Response to “ Easter {2014} ”

~Dawn~ said...

Such a beautiful family and a lovely Easter holiday. Thank goodness the weather cooperated. :)