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Friday, December 4, 2015

helping out in the 1st grade class for their harvest party, it was also hat day!

picking out some new pacis and sippy cups for our flight to Texas, Sadler loves to take pictures!


Gray thought of a pretty clever hiding spot for his halloween candy :)

Bible stories with grandpa!

because I never want to forget how much he loves getting the mail on our way home from school :)

craft night at church 

I bought that denim jumper for Jovie last year and have been waiting and waiting for her to wear it, when I finally put it on her before church Sunday night it would hardly zip and she cried "It huwts, I don't like it, owie!" But she had to wear it at least once, because it's just so adorable!

hot chocolate with all the marshmellows, and a new book that's sure to be a fun change of pace from all the heavy, deep and emotional stuff I've read lately. 


her books of choice: Fly Guy series, that's life with brothers I guess!

two hour delay and magnatiles, a few of our favorite things

enjoying one of the last walks to the bus stop, once it gets cold I drive :)

helping daddy find a recipe for our cooking competition 

Our big 1st grader and his buddy at his first skating party!

a little DIY project, I love how it turned out!

I waited four years for just the right piece to replace the ikea sofa table we used to have. I love all the character it brings!

A saturday spent raking leaves at the cottage and watching the Peanuts movie

enjoying a beautiful fall afternoon at the park

she sure knows her way around Target :)

beautiful rainbow reminding us of God's promises. 

so much beauty 

my sweet friend Corinn from Traverse City was in GR at the children's hospital with her sick little boy, it was a crummy situation but I was so glad to be able to see her 

snacks and selfies with my gal 

I was so excited to do Samaritains Purse shoeboxes with the kids this year, and have an opportunity teach them about being grateful and giving back 

I kept my expectations low, but they all did great picking out toys and personal hygiene products for kids their own gender and ages who might not otherwise be getting any gifts this year. I was so proud they kept their "gimmes" mostly at bay!

so much I love about this picture, the snow isn't necessarily one of them :)

As an anniversary gift to Robb I planned a year of dates, once a month. We had our first one in November; dinner and a movie. They'll be a little more creative as we go forward, but we were really looking forward to seeing the last Hunger Games movie. 

Trying something new, dinner with a view at the Lynx golf course grill before heading to the Regent for the movie. 

visiting sick little Weston and Corinn on Sunday afternoon, they diagnosed him with Chrons disease was were beginning to get his pain and symptoms under control.  

On Monday I snatched Corinn up and took her to Trader Joe's for her first time out of the hospital in 6 days, we had a great time finding some stuff for Wes' new diet. 

my heart skipped a couple beats when I walked into my salon to see this, but thankfully it was just a comb!

donuts after flu shots, it's only fair!

our littlest turkey sure has grown!

I thank God every day for this beautiful family He's blessed me with, 

my cuties before church Thanksgiving Day

my niece Ella in the turkey outfit Jovie wore last year,  love seeing it get more use on another cute girl!

every December baby should get their own tree, don't ya think?!

it's beginging to look a lot like Christmas

our big girl is facing forward in her seat, gone are the days of snacking in the drivers seat without her knowing :)

these dino loving dudes both ended up on daddy's lap during The Good Dinosaur, it was a touch intense at times!

I could watch them all day!

Using up some Book-It coupons for pizza on Gray's day off on Monday

love this

All the kids swarmed around Ella and her presents at her birthday party Monday night, she was such a trooper about everyone playing with her new toys!

donut delivery girl 

Making freezer meals Wednesday night with my mom and Lisa, Mindy wasn't able to come with sick kids at home to care for :(

never a boring day around here with this one!

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