Jovie's TUTU birthday party

Sunday, December 20, 2015

We had Jovie's birthday party this afternoon, after postponing it last weekend due to sickness, we were TUTU excited to celebrate her!

Her invite 

all ready to party in her pretty outfit

a family photo 

for food we served a soup and salad bar

she got so many cute presents, a crib for her baby dolls,  dress up clothes, a scooter, a play makeup kit, and more. Whenever we would ask her what she wants for her party the only thing she would ever say was "suckers" so we had to buy her a bag of dum-dums too :)

As soon as she opened a box full of dress up clothes, she pulled down her skirt and tried a new one on! 


and it wouldn't be a two year old's birthday without a meltdown :)

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