Jovie Breann , you are 2 years old!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Oh my, oh my, how is my baby 2?

Jovie, you are just as sweet as they come. You bring us so much JOY! Your sweet smiles and silly expressions just make my heart swell. You are becoming a bit of a diva too, you insist on having your fingers and toes polished, and you already have opinions on your clothes!
You love to eat, you love to snuggle and hug, but do not like kisses. 

You came down with your first flu bug last week, thankfully it was short lived, but you passed it on to Sadler and your birthday party was postponed. We'll celebrate with your next week though! You know how mommy loves to stretch out the birthday celebrations :)

You wear your heart on your sleeve and we never have to wonder how you're feeling. 

You are the best mommy to your baby dolls, so loving and nurturing!

You love to sing and your vocabulary is enormous. 
Your well child visit isn't until the end of the month but according to our home scale you are about 32lbs, at the top of the charts I'm sure :)

You love baths, bedtime and naps have been a struggle lately. 

We are so thankful for you, JoJo, our daily reminder of God's faithfulness. 
Happy birthday, Jovie. 
We love you!

Photo credit: 1000 words photography 

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