Friday, July 18, 2008

I was just about to send out my first batch of private invites when i found out that there is a limit of only 100 readers. I didnt want to turn anyone away, everyone who emailed was to be added. I just thought that by doing this it would turn away those who were just being entertained and limit it to only those who truly care and were serious enough to email me their request. I just wanted a little more control over it and a way to limit some criticism.
But now i am in a dilemma, 100 readers is not enough and would require me picking and choosing which i did not want to have to do.
So for now hang tight while i decide what to do about this. I may look for a different blogging site which would possibly allow more readers or just make my current blog less personal(but that would kinda change my whole reason for starting a blog in the first place so we'll see) Still thinking. any suggestions would be great.
Stay Tuned.

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12 Responses to “ Dilemma ”

Sherry said...

Katie, Another blogger that I follow did the same thing and used Wordpress.com for her new blog. She had the same problem as you and didn't want to limit the number of readers. Hope this helps!

Katie said...

thanks sherry, i checked out wordpress already and they have a limit of 35 readers unless you buy the upgraded package, seems kinda silly and not something i want to spend $$ on. thanks for the suggestion though!

Jennifer said...

Katie I found your blog thru the nest. I have never commented before, but I think you have an amazing spirit and you seem to handle everything that is thrown at you with such grace. Please know that there will be alot of people of there thinking about you even if you do make this private. I will never forget your story.

I loved your vacation pictures. I live in Metro Detroit and always seem to forget how beautiful the west side of the state is.

Rachel said...

I undestand...What ever you decide to do, although I will miss keeping up on what is happening with you and your family. No mattter what happens...You will always be in my prayers. God Bless.

Amanda said...

Hi Katie. As you know my blog is private... I have not run into the problem with readers... yet. I do have a suggestion. Since private blogs can't be added to google reader, I started a yahoo group. As many people as you want can join the yahoo group. I have my blog set up to email the group whenever I post, so that they will know when I post. It also sends a copy of what I have posted. The only dilemma with this, is that they still wouldn't be able to "sign in" to your blog, but they could read it, and send you emails rather than comments. It is the only option I can think of at the moment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. And good luck!

Kelly said...

I'm not sure if you follow MayDayGirls's blog (she's another nestie) but she had the exact problem you are having. She did eventually wind up on wordpress so that she could have unlimited readers. I'm not sure if she found a way around the $$ aspect of it (maybe there is something we don't all know about). You can see her old blog here and it has her email address and I'm sure she could give you some pointers if you wanted her to.

Tweak77 said...

I found your blog through a friend from the Nest. I haven't posted here before, but I have been truly inspired by your story. I totally respect your feelings for wanting to go private. Please know that your faith and courage have really touched me, and I will continue to lift you and your family up in my prayers, regardless of your decision going forward. Thank you so much for sharing. I can, without a doubt, see God working through you.

The Tranas said...

I was going to suggest getting in touch with maydaygirl as well. Hope you can find a good solution soon! It's too bad certain grumpy people are making this tough on you!

Anonymous said...

Katie, I don't blame you for going private, this isn't entertainment, it's your life. I would be more than willing to donate if there is a cost involved. But whatever happens you will always remain in my thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!

I found your blog through the nest and have been following your story for quite a while. Your strength and courage are truly an inspiration to me as I deal with my second miscarriage. I understand your desire to go private and just know that whatever you decide you & your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you so very much for sharing your story, I will never forget it. God bless!


Lydia said...

I'm in Stockholm, Sweden, and stumbled upon your blog just now and started reading about your life and experiences. I was touched by your faith in God and continued reading the more recent blogs, and realized that your surgery was scheduled for today. I wasn't sure where you where from, but somehow I felt compelled to figure it out as I had an urge to pray for you.

So I started looking for your location in order to know the time zone - wound up on Nascars website to check their race schedules and saw that there was a race in Michigan the date mentioned in your blog.

So, if you are in Michigan, it just so happened that I stumbled upon your blog 15 minutes prior to your surgery (we're six hours ahead) and had a strong urge to pray for you while listening to the song 'There's a reason' in the background...

God bless!

Anonymous said...

oh no, I can't believe that someone would do these things to you!!

I will continue to pray for you guys!