Brenham's Hat Project

Monday, February 2, 2009

Help me spread the word!
(Grab this button off my sidebar)

Patrice made this button to help get the word out about Brenham's hat Project!

If you wouldn't mind, I would love for you to post the code in your own blogs so that when people click it they will be sent right to my post about the project and they can help out if they can. Thanks Patrice and thanks bloggers for helping me spread the word!

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7 Responses to “ Brenham's Hat Project ”

Nancy said...

What an adorable button! It's on my blog now!! :)

Christie, Jeff and Kennedy said...

how do I add your button to the sidebar of my blog? I'm HTML-stupid! :)

Keren said...

Consider it done :)

in.luv.with.m said...

It's added!

Mrsalmondswife said...

Added =)

Abby*Lane said...

added :) If I have time, I'll try and whip some up myself! I just started working again for the first time in 8 years. :)

Natasha Ylana Designs said...

I added your button to my blog -

I have been following your story since I stumbled upon your blog. You are truly an inspiration to me and I hope to one day be as amazing a mother as you are.

If there is anything I could ever make to help, please let me know!