Meet Chill

Sunday, February 1, 2009

updated below*

~the snowman~
the snow was perfect for snowman making today, so we took a break during our snowmobile ride to make 'Chill' in one of our country neighbors back field, hope you enjoy :).
We had to be resourceful and used our own scarf and hat, a rock for his nose, brier plant things for his buttons and the first person to guess what we used for his eyes gets 200 w.h.m.g. points!! he has arms too, but they kind of blend in with the trees.
So, any guesses to what Chill's eyes are made from?
wow! either that was too easy, or you guys are good!...yes that is bunny poo. robb did it, not I :)
Congrats Rebekah, you were the first one, you get 200 w.h.m.g points AND your prize is already on its way!

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6 Responses to “ Meet Chill ”

Rebekah said...

I'm hoping they eyes aren't made from rabbit poo....but that's my guess! :)

We should have stopped and done a little more snowman building on our snowmobiling trip and I would assuredly have been LESS sore this morning!

cara said...

my guess would be deer or rabbit poo.

wifetoonemomtotwo said...

I guess with deer doo-doo or acorn caps.

Daddy's Dream ~Mommy's Miracle said...

a snowmobile ride sounds like fun...i miss our snowmobiles!!

Keren said...

hehe cute!
Rabbit poo...too funny!! It worked though!

Anonymous said...

I would have never that thought was poo for eyes!! LOL!