Grayden Robert, you are 12 months old!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Grayden, you turned 12 months old on Wednesday!

This is what we did to celebrate your 1st birthday!

Here's what you're up to lately:
You started walking shortly after you turned 11 months and have been non stop since!

You eat everything..I can barely keep up with you, the only thing you've tried and haven't liked is cheese. You started on whole milk and have done great!
You've become a pro at blowing kisses, giving high fives, peek a boo, and 'washing your hands' (rubbing them together when we ask you to wash your hands, so cute!)

We think you weigh about 21.5 lbs
You sleep great and usually only take 1 nap now.
You wear 6-12 month clothes, size 3 diapers and size 4 shoes.
You have 5 teeth now, 2 on the bottom and 3 on top.
You can say 'mom'! Its really funny to hear you yell 'MOM' instead of mama or mommy or something else more babyish, but you just say mom, like your a teenager or something! You also say "hi" and wave!
How can I ever express in words the joy you've brought to our lives over the last year? You bring a smile to my face every morning when I walk into your room and see you hopping up and down in your crib waiting for me to pick you up with a big grin peeking at me from behind your pacifier!
And you bring tears of joy to my eyes each night when I lean over your crib to rub your sweet, sleepy head as I watch you sleep. You are the happiest little boy ever and make the world smile! Everywhere we go we get compliments on how happy you are! You love people and wave to anybody who crosses your path. Your smile lights up the room!
I love being your mommy and can't wait to see what the coming years will bring! I pray that your loving, outgoing personality will bring God glory, I know He will use you in great ways Grayden. You are a special boy, God has great things planned for you!
We love you SO much!

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4 Responses to “ Grayden Robert, you are 12 months old! ”

Jorden and Kristin said...

Awe!! Happy birthday little man!! He is so adorable and handsome!

Are his month onesies that you put him in, are those stickers or iron ons? I love them!

Anonymous said...

He is just too cute. Too cute.

rlvd said...

he walks really well!

Courtney said...

Wow how time flies! What a handsome little man! Happy belated birthday Grayden!

I also started blogging again and have a new web address.