Mothers Day Celebrations!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Since really everyday is mother's day we spent the whole weekend celebrating this special occasion!
Friday night we surprised my mom by being at Logans for a family dinner when she was just expecting a date night with my dad.

Saturday we went out to Goog's (a local burger joint) with Robb's family.

Sunday was so special, Robb made me breakfast in bed and Grayden was full of hugs and "mom-mom"s all day long! It seemed nice to be among the smiling mothers in church that morning instead of fighting back tears of grief and pain. I spent the day thanking God for such a gift.

(I know these two pictures look exactly the same to you, but to me Grayden just looks way too adorable in them both for me to be able to pick just one!)
After church we headed to my aunt and uncle's to celebrate with my Grandma and the rest of our extended family.

I pray the day was a celebration for you as well and if it wasn't I pray your time will come soon. Its so hard sometimes to write these posts b/c I know some of you are hurting while reading these words. I've been there. I'll always have a bittersweet feeling of Mothers Day. I feel joy, sadness and guilt.

I know so many of you are waiting for a child or have also lost a child and are still waiting to be a mom again. I know it can seem unfair that we've been blessed again with another child after we lost Brenham, while you are still praying and dreaming for your chance at motherhood. I hope you can feel the many prayers I've said for you over the weekend and always. My heart aches for you.

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4 Responses to “ Mothers Day Celebrations! ”

MiniMe Mom said...

I am so glad your Mother's Day was great this year. You deserve it!

Oh, and you always look so darn cute in every picture.

Britt said...

I am so glad you had a Happy Mother's Day! You don't need to feel bad about sharing your joy! Thank you for reminding me what Mother's Day is GOING to look like some day!

Verna said...

I am so glad you had a great Mother's Day.

Yes, every day is Mother's day, but it is nice to remember all mothers a bit extra at least once a year.

Ryan and Lydia said...

I remember sitting next to you at church 2 years ago on Mother's Day and watching you cry. I sat with Baby Avery on my lap, and my heart just broke for you. I felt like you deserved to be a mother so much more than I did, and I was overcome with guilt. I often told Ryan that I wished I could hold you in my lap and rock you like I did Avery and make you feel better. I have never been so sad for someone in my life...I knew how badly you wanted that baby. This year, you were BEAMING! It brought tears to my eyes. I love seeing you so never gets old! You had some very dark days, and your joy is well deserved!