Fashion Friday Shoe Edition

Friday, May 7, 2010

Last night Robb helped me take some pictures of me in my favorite shoes (thanks hun!) until about 10:30 and then he went to bed so this morning I had to figure out a way to take a few myself...

so here are my all time favorite shoes:

nude pumps Nine West $4.99 on
gold shimmer peep-toe wedges-$6.99 Shoe Carnival
fun polka dot espadrille sandal wedges ~I'm sure they were cheap at Marshalls!

Dressy bronze and black peep-toe pumps - cheap at Deb's. So cute but I've never wore them, couldn't find an outfit to wear them with...anyone want them? Size 9

black closed toe pumps..wear these all the time, every girl needs a pair! $6.99 Payless Shoe Source

Bubblegum pink pumps! Impulse buy! Ha! How could I resist? $19.99 Payless Shoe Source

Black buckle embellished peep-toe wedges. Love these too! $6.99 Cato's

Cognac mid-calf these! $19.99 Sears

not sure what you call these....$8 on clearance at Target

ankle strap buckled peep-toe wedge sandals... $7 on clearance at Aeropostale

white espadrille heel wedge sandals with gold buckle details...$29.99 at Kohl's

Tommy Hilfiger's ankle tie up espadrille wedges...really cheap at TJMaxx circa 2006?

white strappy sandals with wooden heal (there noisy!) $9.99 at JCPenney

magenta ruffle toe flats $5 Payless Shoe Source

black ankle boots, love these with leggings in the Winter...$24.99? JCPenney

And the shoes that Grayden currently wears:
I'm too embarrassed, ashamed actually to show you the ones he's already outgrown or has yet to grow into...its sad but I love baby shoes!
left to right: Carters ($3.99), Carters ($6.99), Garage sale ($1)

robeez guitar crib shoes (gift), nike tennis shoes (garage sale $4?), froggy rain boots (gift)

Dress Shoes:
Children's Place ($2.99), Pediped on clearance @ Tip Toes ($19.99) Babies R Us ($2.99)

Payless S.S. ($2), Baby Gap via consignment store ($4), Carters ($2.99), Consignment store($4?)

No promises for a Fashion Friday post next week, we have a very special little boy's 1st Birthday party that evening so it could be a very busy day! Next Fashion Friday edition will be old navy

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13 Responses to “ Fashion Friday Shoe Edition ”

MiniMe Mom said...

I am right there with you on boy's shoes- we have gabs of them! I think they might have more than me! HA!

I love all of them- I think I need a pair of the ballet flats for $5! What a deal.

Jenn said...

So jealous! I never have that sort of luck in shoes (too cute for so cheap) for either myself or my son. :(

phgeerlings said...

lol, i think grayden might have more shoes than mackenzie at the moment!

Lisa said...

Ouch!! Makes my feet hurt just looking at the pics:)

Evan's Mommy said...

Wow, I love all your shoes! I'm a heels girl too. You can never have too many pairs of cute heels!! I know you you were probably kidding when you asked if anyone wanted the bronze & black peep toe pumps, but I'm in love with them and they are my size! LOL

Jeannie said...

I love your Fashion Friday posts. You score the best deals! I have a small obsession with baby shoes too! They are just too cute :-)

RN Mama said...

I was so excited when I saw that your post today was on shoes!! My favorite ones are the white espadrille heel wedge didn't happen to get those this year, did you? I want those!

designHER Momma said...

I see you've found my favorite place to shop on the internet.....

6pm for the win!


Jessica said...

eeekkk! I have the same exact magenta ruffle flats!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, i wear them with pretty all the time!!! Sad part is mine were $7 :(

Ashley D said...

What a fun post! Im going to check out right now.

Charity said...

I absolutely LOVE shoes... just ask my mom. LOL. and you were kidding about those bronze & black peep toe pumps, right? They are exactly my size. I LOVE them!! Also, I love those magenta flats... style! Go shoes!! ;-)

Jenny said...

You crack me up. I love shoes but H's feet are so wide that I can only find one (or afford) one or two pairs at time. His are completely beat up because he wears the same ones. I'm quite impressed with all G's shoes! Love the orange ones.

familyofthree said...

Ok, I am the cheapest person known to man, especially when it comes to shoes, but you've found a ton of great deals! I'm totally going to check out that 6pm site.

Oh, and I have *almost* the exact same pair of ruffled flats except mine came from Target and were $10... and that was a "splurge!" LOL :)