Fashion Friday

Friday, May 21, 2010

Old Navy: I love Old Navy because I always get amazing deals there! I've never really gotten anything there that has really rocked my wardrobe world but I do always get a lot of basic, practical staple pieces that I end up wearing often.

First, the basics:
This boyfriend cardi gets worn a lot, its so comfy and simple!

This top is a new fave of mine! I love the length, it covers a little booty and its casual enough to wear to the grocery store or with its flirty cap sleeves you could also dress it up with some fun accessories!
I got this cardigan last year on a really good sale and I wore it for the first time when we went to met with Grayden's birthmom before he was born, so it brings back good memories every time I wear it!
(i'm really regretting that I was too lazy to change into a white tank instead of leaving that brown tank top on, it looks so much brighter with white underneath, oh well!)
I wear this wrap so much I just discovered it has a hole in it, lol! Its so fun and goes great with a tank top and jeans!
I never have much luck with pants/jeans at Old Navy because they are usually to short for me, even if they do come in 'longs' but I do have a few dresses from there that I love, so cheap and always comfortable!

My most recent Old Navy dress purchase was the dress I wore in our family pictures last month. I love the color and material of this dress, so bright and summery!

Coincidentally my entire outfit from our family pics last fall was also from Old Navy!
And this sweater dress is an oldie but a goody, its so warm and perfect for cold winter Christmas parties!

And this one is so fun! Its a really light material and not restrictive at all! So many options with this one, here I wore it over top a long sleeve and tights with ankle boots, this summer I'll forgo the long sleeve shirt and tights and put it with some strappy sandals or even some fun flip flops for a casual date night!

Also, I love there accesories: belts, scarves, sunglasses, even shoes!

Lastly, they have the best baby boy clothes, almost half of Grayden's clothes are from Old Navy! Robb has quite a few things from Old Navy as well, earlier this Spring I found him this zip up sweater for $1.97!

next week, by readers request, I'm going to somehow attempt to explain to you how I tied my scarf in this post!

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5 Responses to “ Fashion Friday ”

designHER Momma said...

oh awesome! You are going to do a vlog! I learned how to tie a scarf that way, last Spring on a visit to JB & Me...they are fashion geniuses over there!

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

You're so cute!! : ) I have that same blue sun dress from Old Navy! I have yet to wear it though! Maybe I will when we go to the beach this summer!

Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker said...

I love Old Navy. I have that same white tank in pink. And I'm super jealous of your $1.97 zip sweater :)

phgeerlings said...

i think we need to plan another shopping day; i need some inspiration for cuteness!

Julie said...

This is so unrelated but I'm wondering where you bought those white storage units you use for Grayden's toys. They are in some pictures as I was looking back through posts and I really need to get some for my daughter!!