potty training 101

Monday, October 10, 2011

for those that asked about our potty training technique here’s what we did:

first of all, i feel highly incapable to write a post on potty training I had no idea what I was doing and wanted to give up after the first day but here it goes.


The first morning I put grayden on the big potty with a little potty seat on top and told him he needed to go potty in the big boy potty and he had big boy undies now and no more diapers. I also let him pick out a toy at Target that he could play with once he was potty trained for motivation!

I set the timer every 15 minutes and he willingly sat on the potty but didn’t go all morning on the potty, only accidents. When he’d have an accident I would run him to the potty and remind him to keep his undies dry and to only go on the potty.

After his first success I paraded around the bathroom like a crazy woman, high-fiving and clapping and giving LOTS of praise!! He was so proud of himself! I also rewarded with candy. (he’ll do anything for candy!)

The next day was about the same; some accidents but more successes too! And every day there was more and more improvement to the point where I don’t set a timer anymore I just make sure to remind him he has big boy undies on and to keep them dry and that he needs to tell mommy when he has to go potty.

He’s doing awesome! He even used a urinal a couple times this weekend! HA!!!

We still have to tackle pooping on the potty and staying dry in bed but we’ll get there!

Potty training is hard! I was so frustrated at first but kept going and he caught on. Hope that helps!

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2 Responses to “ potty training 101 ”

Missy said...

Wauy to go Mommy & Gradyen!!!

My son had a jumpstart with daycare helping him potty training two days a week. At daycare he gets a gummy bear for #1 and a gummy worm for #2.

At home for the first few weeks we did a gummy bear for going #1 as well as trying to go #2 but if he actually went #2 he got to pick a new car from a basket of new cars. I gradually weened him from no rewards and now all that is left is staying dry at night.

Each kid is different and you just have to do what works for you and your little one.

Give yourself a pat on the back tho Momma! You did it even after wanting to give up!

Jody said...

Way to go, Grayden! We used about the same method - simply getting rid of the diapers one day and explaining that he should use the potty now and keep his big boy undies dry. The first day was tough, but I was amazed at the second day. What I loved most about the method we used is leaving it up to him to tell me when he needs to go. I still make him use the potty before bed, nap and going somewhere, but in between we simply reminded him over and over (kinda like your timer) that he needed to tell us when he needed to go potty. And now he does. I really think this helps their independent toddler spirit.

You are right though - its tough. We left our kiddo this last weekend and because he wasn't at home he seriously went 5 days without #2. Unbelievable.