{September Photo Challenge} Bokeh

Monday, October 3, 2011

It probably would have been a wise idea to read thru the photo list before I committed to the challenge, once again I have no idea what Bokeh is! Even Google couldn’t help he out!

Instead here is a cute pic of Robb and Grayden at the apple orchard yesterday!


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5 Responses to “ {September Photo Challenge} Bokeh ”

Amber said...

Bokeh is when the background of an image is blurred and it makes really cool light effects behind the subject. Kind of like when you see a picture of a Christmas tree out of focus and the lights sparkle in a really neat pattern. Just thought I'd help you out! I love the picture you posted though. He's adorable!!

Amy said...

What apple orchard did you guys go to? We went to one yesterday as well here in IL!

Kate said...

thanks for the clarification amber! i think i need a lesson now on HOW to do that :)
amy we went to cranes in fennville, MI!

Kristin B said...

I recommend this online, go at your own pace 'class'. It's 12 weeks and explains things very simply. Bokeh=blur...when the background has those big dots or just major blur but your subject is in focus...ie) a wide open aperture.


Jennifer Kay said...

It's those little things some people call "orbs" in their pictures...the little circles or dots flying around, except prettier?