potty training champ!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We set out to potty train Grayden last week Monday, we wanted to wait until after the wedding but I also wanted to do it before we move to the new house.

Monday started out pretty rocky, I almost gave up after 3 accidents in just an hours time! It was a rough day! But right when I was about to give up ( I never knew it would be so frustrating and hard on ME!) he went pee on the potty! I’ve never been so proud of him!


Right after Gray went potty on the big boy potty for the first time! I got a video too but its pretty cheesy ;)


Each day got continually better in fact Tuesday night while I was gone he went pee and poop on the potty for Robb! By Wednesday he was accident free during his time in undies which was only when we were home and not napping.

Now a week later I put him in undies no matter if we are home or away and he’s been using the public potties as well with only one or two accidents since last week Wednesday! He’s even telling me when he has to go potty instead of me having to ask him all the time.

We only have him in diapers during naps and nighttime!

SO SO proud of you Gray! You are a potty training champ!!

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8 Responses to “ potty training champ! ”

Jenna said...

We're in the same boat with Jax! He only wears diapers at nighttime and undies the rest of the time. He's even pooped in public a few times now! Yay big boys!

ashley said...

yay! i'm sure you are loving having one less kiddo with diapers to change! :)

Michelle Yost said...

Any good potty training books or tips for parents just venturing into this foreign land of no diapers?
Congrats to Grayden on this HUGE accomplishment :)

Shannon said...

Good job Grayden! we used the 3 day method and it was awesome. Thank god for no more diapers at all. Now if only I can get my daughter trained- though she's a little young.

Shannon said...

we did the 3 day method and it worked like a charm. no diapers- woot woot! Good job Grayden!

Jeannie said...

Holy smokes...HOW FANTASTIC!!! Way to go Gray!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you share some tips on how you started the process? I have a son almost his age and am looking for tips on how to begin. Congrats on his success and your hard work!

Anonymous said...

So jealous. My son refuses to go on the potty. He'll sit on it for 5 mins, then get off, run to the livingroom, and pee on the floor. So frustrating. Sounds like you have a smart boy.